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Aren’t Praise and Worship the Same?

By Patrick Hawthorne Have you ever wondered what the difference is between praise and worship?  I have.  I used to think that they were interchangeable, synonymous in meaning.  After all, the denominational church I once attended treated them both the

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Walking in the River

By Patrick Hawthorne For four days straight, I walked in the river.  No, not a natural river…it was a river flowing out from the throne room of God.  It was a river of His glory.  Even now, I am straining

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Let the Worshipper’s Arise!

By Patrick Hawthorne We the Body of Christ have a decision to make.  We are at a fork in the road.  Either we can continue down the path that keeps us at one another’s throats, bickering about petty theological differences, or

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