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Offence that Kills

By Patrick Hawthorne   Have you ever been so angry with another person that you became offended?  How did you react with that person afterwards?  Did you forgive them or did you hang on to the grudge until your anger

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Beware Lest Your Offense Makes You Look Like a Total Moron – Part 2

By Patrick Hawthorne Offense:  Synonyms:  Annoyance, anger, resentment, indignation, irritation, exasperation, wrath, displeasure… Use in a sentence:  John, given over to the appearance of a moronic dunder-head, spit and spat his vexation while complaining to the world the manner in

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Part 2 of “Listen Up Church…We are Our Own Worst Enemies

By Patrick Hawthorne Need I say more?  Nope!  I believe this says enough.   For Part 1, please visit:

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