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“Why, God?”

By Patrick Hawthorne Sometimes I can’t help it.  It’s like someone comes along and yanks a chain in my brain.  Suddenly, like a ceiling fan with four 110 watt incandescent halogen light bulbs, (now illegal in most states),  questioning thoughts

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To Be or Not to Be…a Heretic

By Patrick Hawthorne “Hi.  My name is Patrick, and I am a heretic.”  Well…let me rephrase that.  To some of you reading this, I might be labeled a heretic if I disagree with your particular theology.  I know this to

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The Problem is that You Don’t Know All the Questions!

By Patrick Hawthorne Numerous times I’ve heard the story.  Yet, each time I hear the account it is as if I’ve never heard it before.  Could it be because it is true of me as well?  Is the Lord pricking

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