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Climate Change: The Rise of the One-World Religion

By Patrick Hawthorne Has it begun?  Is it here?  Or, am I to relegate my position from that of a serious student of Bible prophecy to that of a tin foil hat wearing conspiracy theorist? If you have followed this

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Israel and The Millennium

By Patrick Hawthorne For those who may not be aware, I seriously study Bible prophecy.  For the most part, my blogs are not usually prophecy based but are more reflective of those things that catch my attention at the moment. 

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G’yaaaarrrrrrr, Matey. Beware the DOOMSDAY Preacher!

By Patrick Hawthorne As a teacher of Bible Prophecy, I tend to laugh when I hear the words…DOOMSDAY Preacher!  “Avast ye scurvy dogs.  Make way for the  DOOMSDAY Preacher.” No…no… I do not laugh the maniacal laugh of a half

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Digging Deep to Find the Nuggets

Patrick Hawthorne Priorities, priorities… It’s all about priorities.  Of late, my blog time, both in reading and writing, has been greatly reduced.  However, that is not a bad thing considering my study time has greatly improved. After all, one cannot

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There is Hope for the Deceived – The Church of Thyatira

By Patrick Hawthorne And unto the angel of the church in Thyatira write; These things saith the Son of God, who hath his eyes like unto a flame of fire, and his feet are like fine brass;  19  I know

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Preparing for the Backside of the Storm!

By Patrick Hawthorne   The hurricane is one of the most fierce of the storms that nature can throw at us.  Extreme winds, flooding rain, and dangerous storm surges are but a part of the chaos brought about by these

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The Cup that You DO NOT Want to Overflow!

By Patrick Hawthorne As many of you are aware, the Lord has been taking me onto a new path of Bible prophecy.  For years, He had me focus on His grace.  It seems like a weird combination until we realize

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