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A New “Old” Path

By Patrick Hawthorne For those following my blog, or me following theirs – whichever it may be – you may have noticed that my time spent reading, writing, and responding have been slim pickings at best. No, it is not

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Valentine’s Day Laugh

By Patrick Hawthorne Ok….I couldn’t resist.  I stole this from a Facebook Friend.  So sue me…  Be blessed.  

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Singing Through the Pain

By Patrick Hawthorne I couldn’t help it.  The words had barely escaped the Pastors lips when my mind went into production mode.  Yes, I had a reel to reel movie playing within the confines of my cranium when I should

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Let the Worshipper’s Arise!

By Patrick Hawthorne We the Body of Christ have a decision to make.  We are at a fork in the road.  Either we can continue down the path that keeps us at one another’s throats, bickering about petty theological differences, or

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Jesus Loves Me, This I Know…A Note to Christian Authors.

By Patrick Hawthorne Do we really understand the impact that our written words have upon others?  Yes, for the most part we put pen to paper with the anticipation that someone may be encouraged by what it is that we

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