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Life’s Simple Lesson From Tanzania

By Patrick Hawthorne   Have you ever heard or read something that made you go, “Hmmm?”  This was one of those moments for me.  The following was a Facebook post from friend and Missionary to Tanzania, Paul Troquille.    Be

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The Thief (A Re-post from Years Past)

By Patrick Hawthorne   The pain was excruciating! Like bolts of lightning, nerve endings screamed in a rhythmic tone as one wave of pain followed another.  Still, the thief pushed through the pain as he forced his body upright.  The

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Friday Morning Thought

By Patrick Hawthorne The Chain is Only as Strong as Its Weakest Link  

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I Want It All…

By Patrick Hawthorne I want it all.  What a rather peculiar way to start this article.  Nevertheless, it is true; I want it all.  The early Church operated at a level that was nothing less than miraculous.  Not only was

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A Wednesday Morning Thought

By Patrick Hawthorne  

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There is Strength in Unity

By Patrick Hawthorne   Although we might serve in different roles or functions within the Body of Christ, our overall goal is the same, with no one role being greater than the other. Can a baker bake bread without the

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Not Another Prosperity Message (Insert the Whine!)

By Patrick Hawthorne I’m a Charismatic.  I know I’ve started the last couple of posts with this statement, but I do not want there to be any misunderstandings.  Being a Charismatic, I am part of the group that receives a

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Religion Gone Stupid!

By Patrick Hawthorne This is a repost from last year, but being as Mardi Gras is once again upon us I felt the need to have a repeat. I know this particular post might offend some, but I assure you

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Standing in the Light

        By Terri Pease “In Him was Life and the Life was the Light of men. That Life is in me. The Life of God is in me. That Life is the Light, it is the development of

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News Letter From Israel

By Terri Pease    Shalom from Israel! Last week at the Ark I met the most incredible woman. *Sandra is 67, from West Virginia and is a crisis volunteer to the world. Sandra just completed a tour in Kurdistan and

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