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That Person is Too Mean for Even God to Touch…Or Are They?

By Patrick Hawthorne We’ve all met one.  I’m referring to that cold, heartless person who is so mean they are lower than a snake in a wagon’s rut.  Nothing makes them happy.  Nothing makes them thankful.  Their whole countenance is

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A Form of Godliness

By Patrick Hawthorne I have been reading and meditating on the book of Malachi.  Listed seven times throughout the book is one word that expresses the condition of Israel.  That word is, “Wherein.”  Starting his letter, Malachi  -who is expressing

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Has the Church Become Empty Salt Shakers?

By Patrick Hawthorne   “You are the salt of the earth. But if the salt should become-tasteless, with what will it be salted? It no longer has strength for anything except, having been thrown outside, to be trampled-underfoot by people. (Matthew 5:13 Disciples Literal

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The Judge

By Patrick Hawthorne There once lived a young man; a scoundrel of sorts.  Born into a lower middle class family, the young man scratched and clawed his way up life’s ladder, stepping on whoever might hinder him from reaching his

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The End of the Current Reign of Terror

By Patrick Hawthorne Through haze colored glasses, we peer at a world that is seemingly spinning out of control.  We suppose we are seeing with great clarity the tragedy unfolding around us, but are we really?  Could it be that

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Can You Feel it?

By Patrick Hawthorne Can you feel it?  It’s in the air all around us.  What is it?  It is expectation; expectation of God’s glory divine about to be released upon the earth.  Can I explain this feeling?  No, I just

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It is Well with My Soul

By Patrick Hawthorne Stepping onto the gang plank, a fresh wave of sorrow washed over him.  So much grief; so much sorrow.  How much can one man endure? Tears formed like small pools at the bottom of his eyes.  Once

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