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A Friday Thought…Tough Love

By Patrick Hawthorne     “If they had a social gospel in the days of the prodigal son, somebody would have given him a bed and a sandwich and he never would have gone home.” ~ Vance Havner    

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Twenty Dollar Challenge

By Patrick Hawthorne We are entering the Christmas Season.  OK, so Christmas season began for some in October.  Nevertheless, it is a prime time to become a giver if you are not already one. Just to clear the air, I

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Not Another Prosperity Message (Insert the Whine!)

By Patrick Hawthorne I’m a Charismatic.  I know I’ve started the last couple of posts with this statement, but I do not want there to be any misunderstandings.  Being a Charismatic, I am part of the group that receives a

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When People Thank God Because of You

By Patrick Hawthorne Coming into work this morning, I was introduced to James, a young paramedic student who was finishing up his ride-outs on a medic unit.  It was early in the morning and the fire station crew was just

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