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Patrick’s Fables 1:  The Foolish Beaver Brother

By Patrick Hawthorne Ok, I admit it…I am a nerd at heart.  From the moment I discovered Aesop’s Fables, I was hooked.  I enjoy reading short stories with underlying moral and ethical content.  One day I asked myself, “Self?  Can

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How Satan Suppressed the Power of the Church

By Patrick Hawthorne From within the confines of the abyss, raucous laughter echoed off the walls.  The nauseous stench of their foul breath swirled like a whirl wind filling every nook, crack and cranny. “Tell us again, O’ evil one,”

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God, the Giver of Laugh

By Patrick Hawthorne I’m one hundred percent sure that God has a great sense of humor.  If you don’t believe me just go look in the mirror.  Now, don’t get upset with me.  I’m just speaking the truth in love

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I’m a Writer

By Patrick Hawthorne I’m a writer.  I do not announce this because I lay claim to any great talent.  Such boasting would be pure foolishness. No, I’m a writer because of the magnificent grace of God at work in me. 

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Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

By Patrick Hawthorne   Peering into the reflective pool of God’s Word, a single tear fell from the young mans eye as he asked the question which has troubled mankind since the early days of his inception. “What is the

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My Alter Ego, “Rip Tu’ Shreds”

By Patrick Hawthorne Scaling the two-hundred foot wall, Rip Tu’ Shreds paused to catch his breath.  Looking down he felt a slight twinge in the pit of his stomach.  To fall meant certain death for him; to fail in his

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Loves Sweet Treasure

A proverbial play on Aesop’s Fables by Patrick Hawthorne  A young man and an elderly man sat on the park bench beneath the canopy of the shade tree.  “Please tell me sir,” said the young man to his elder, “What

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