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Understanding the Trinity

By Patrick Hawthorne Back in my days as a Hazardous Materials Technician I became dangerously learned in how certain chemicals reacted with each other.  I say dangerously learned because I learned just enough to be dangerous; especially if my learning

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By Terri Pease My thoughts seem to be all over the place. I awake in the morning thinking about the return of Jesus. “Could this be the day?” I lie down at night disappointed and yet suddenly hopeful that maybe

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Work in Progress!

By Patrick Hawthorne Let’s face some cold hard facts.  In this day and age, there are too many people with the “Me, Me, Me…” complex. Whether rich or poor, their attitude is that society owes them something.  If rich, society

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By Patrick Hawthorne Years ago, while headed home from some location I have long since forgotten, I tuned my car radio into a gospel station.  On air was an old preacher who was describing eternity.  I don’t know if the

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