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Do Babies Who Die Go to Heaven?

By Patrick Hawthorne Before I launch into the meat of this post, I must first apologize for its length.  Knowing how I tend to become glossy eyed when it comes to reading long posts, I try to keep my posts

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It is Well with My Soul – A Farewell To My Dad

By Patrick Hawthorne     In honor of my dad who passed away on December 22nd of this year, I am re-posting this article from February 2015.  “It is Well With My Soul,” was his favorite song.     Stepping

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The Judge

By Patrick Hawthorne There once lived a young man; a scoundrel of sorts.  Born into a lower middle class family, the young man scratched and clawed his way up life’s ladder, stepping on whoever might hinder him from reaching his

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Don’t Be Stupid

By Patrick Hawthorne If I were to personally walk up to you and say, “Don’t be stupid,” I would be prepared to be bopped in the mouth.  But, what do you do when God, through His written Word, tells you

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Could it be That Your Church is Dying Because…?

By Patrick Hawthorne Lately I have been on a rant against the Church of the Forever dead.  Just for the understanding of any readers coming into this post late, my criticisms have been levied against a fictitious church in an

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Saying Goodbye

To all those whom I follow and to those who follow me through blogs, I have been a bit distracted by the recent death of my Dad-in-Law (PawPaw).  Today, I will be leading his home going ceremony. Let me tell you,

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So Speaks the Heretic

By Patrick Hawthorne I write this post not for the purpose of argument.  People will believe what they want to believe and this post will not change that.  Only the Holy Spirit can change a heart.  Nevertheless, some things need

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Destiny Destroyer (The Devils Desire for Abortion)

By Patrick Hawthorne The freedom of choice… What a wonderful yet terrifying gift bestowed unto mankind by our Heavenly Father.  For by choice one can elect to become spiritually alive unto God through Christ Jesus. Or, by choice, one can

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Tick…Tick…Tick Goes the Clock of Life

By Patrick Hawthorne As I sit in my office, the steady tick…tick…tick of the wall clock mockingly reminds me that, with each tick, one more second of my life is forever gone.  What did I do with that second?  Did

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I’m a Hypocrite

By Patrick Hawthorne I I’m a hypocrite.  I’m the one you look for, the one you need in order to justify your own actions.  You look at me.  With swelled chest you shout, “How dare you judge my life style

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