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I Had a Great Day!

By Patrick Hawthorne I had a great day…I accidently backed a work trailer into a concrete post, but did not get angry. I had a great day…After seeing that I backed a trailer into a concrete post, I took responsibility for

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Whiner’s Beware!

By Patrick Hawthorne Just yesterday as I was wandering around the yard, weed eater in hand, I came up with a masterful idea for a plaque to hang on the wall of my office.  On one side of the plaque

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“But Lord, I don’t want to go down that Rocky Path!”

By Patrick Hawthorne During my rookie year as a firefighter, I was assigned to one of the busiest fire stations in the city.  My captain, the last of the old smoke eater generation (the generation who fought fires without a

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A “Circumstance-Altering” Life

 by Kadie Rumby This morning, just like every other morning, I set out for my morning run around the park. At 7:45 am, my shoes were laced and ready. I put on my favorite capree jogging pants and threw on

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