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Apologists –  Defenders of the Gospel or Rude Loud Mouths?

By Patrick Hawthorne     I wrote this back in 2015 but in light of some things I have been seeing of late, I think it is time for a re-post. And yes, I am pointing the finger back at

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Scientific before Scientific was Cool! Part 1

By Patrick Hawthorne Revelation Knowledge – A divine revelation inspired by God.   Have you ever had one of those “V-8” moments where God dropped something into your heart that was way above your normal level of comprehension?  To be honest,

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Give Me Freedom or Give Me Death!

By Patrick Hawthorne I’m somewhat of a redneck…well, let me rephrase that…I’m more of a country boy with a smidge of redneck thrown in.  No, I don’t smash beer cans on my forehead to show how manly I am –

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Ending the Temptation/Failure Cycle!

By Patrick Hawthorne There is no greater battle that can be fought than the inner battle between your own personal spirit and your fleshly side.  As the Apostle Paul said, and I paraphrase, I want to do right but my

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The Persecuted…or the Jerk?

By Patrick Hawthorne Yes, and all who desire to live godly in Christ Jesus will suffer persecution. (2 Timothy 3:12) A friend recently presented a question on Facebook that made me take a mental step backwards as I pondered the truth

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Body of Christ, Listen Up!…We are our own Worst Enemy

By Patrick Hawthorne Ok…I’ve had it up to here!  I know you can’t see where the here is but use your imagination.  First of all, I am a Charismatic.  Yeah, yeah, I’m one of those nut jobs who have fallen

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Is a Bird Building a Nest on Your Head?

By Patrick Hawthorne Not too long ago, I was walking across the yard with slop bucket in hand.  With four pigs, three goats, fourteen chickens, and one duck waiting for their evening dinner, my attention should have been focused on

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