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The Gaze of Faith

By Patrick Hawthorne What is faith?  Have you ever heard someone trying to define faith? Did it leave you more confused than ever? The reason is simple. The Scriptures make no real effort to define it. Much like the air

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Keep Them Tractor Wheels Straight

By Patrick Hawthorne Life is full of little nuggets of inspiration.  One only needs to pay attention.  For instance, my last post, The Churlish Chicken , was inspired by observing a heathen chicken who desperately needs Jesus.  Seriously, this chicken

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“Why, God?”

By Patrick Hawthorne Sometimes I can’t help it.  It’s like someone comes along and yanks a chain in my brain.  Suddenly, like a ceiling fan with four 110 watt incandescent halogen light bulbs, (now illegal in most states),  questioning thoughts

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God is Not a PEZ Dispenser!

By Patrick Hawthorne I am all about living a life of Faith in Christ Jesus. As such, I am a firm believer that God desires to bless His Church.  Furthermore, I believe that God is still in the healing business

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G’yaaaarrrrrrr, Matey. Beware the DOOMSDAY Preacher!

By Patrick Hawthorne As a teacher of Bible Prophecy, I tend to laugh when I hear the words…DOOMSDAY Preacher!  “Avast ye scurvy dogs.  Make way for the  DOOMSDAY Preacher.” No…no… I do not laugh the maniacal laugh of a half

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Sheep Arrested in Unprovoked Slaying of Wolf; Shepherd Fined for Violating Dangerous Sheep Statute!

By Patrick Hawthorne “Extra…Extra….Read all about it.  Sheep arrested in unprovoked slaying of wolf; Shepherd fined for violating dangerous sheep statute!” Warning:  The following post contains tongue in cheek humor with a purpose.  Turn away if your religiosity makes you

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Why AM I Thinking This Way?

By Patrick Hawthorne I would like to share with you a little journey that I have been on.  From my title, I bet – if I were a betting man – that you think this is yet another post on

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