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The Day I Went from Relationship to Religious

By Patrick Hawthorne Several years ago, when I was going through the School of Ministry, based out of my home town in Shreveport Louisiana, I was laser focused on the things of God. I walked with Him and talked with

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My Name is Patrick and I Have a Big Mouth

By Patrick Hawthorne I have a wild imagination.  I joke with my wife that I have an inner sanctuary in the midst of my cranium; a place where I can frolic unhindered through fields of random thoughts. For this blog,

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I’m a Hypocrite

By Patrick Hawthorne I I’m a hypocrite.  I’m the one you look for, the one you need in order to justify your own actions.  You look at me.  With swelled chest you shout, “How dare you judge my life style

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Open Mouth Insert Foot (My Personal Story…Again!)

By Patrick Hawthorne Initially, when I began this article, I seriously tried hard to maintain a sober tone.  My thoughts were organized and my mind topically cleared.  Yet, the idea of keeping it serious was quickly dismissed as I looked

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My Alter Ego, “Rip Tu’ Shreds”

By Patrick Hawthorne Scaling the two-hundred foot wall, Rip Tu’ Shreds paused to catch his breath.  Looking down he felt a slight twinge in the pit of his stomach.  To fall meant certain death for him; to fail in his

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