Who Called the Bible Police??

By Patrick Hawthorne

bible bash

This particular post is quite far from what I normally write.  Yet, at the same time, it is right up my alley.  Actually, this topic has been on my heart for quite awhile.  It was, however, given new life by an article I just read.  In Southern terms the article, “Got my blood to boiling.”

The article that I read is one where a pastor needed correction and, if allegations are true, needs to be removed from the pulpit, immediately.  However, it is the the manner of correction and the person doing the correction that really ate my goat.  Instead of going through proper God tested and Bible approved channels, the correcting minister took to social media to lodge his complaint against the errant pastor.

Time and time again, I have seen the damage and the hurt caused by too many self appointed Bible Police in the church, the Body of Jesus Christ.  These self-anointed, self-appointed men and women of God, many of whom are pastors, have taken it upon themselves to police the Body and to look for infractions from every church except their own particular congregation.

The problem?  The problem is that they are acting out of a self righteousness that is not from God but is from the devil.  These men and women have made it their mission to seek out and destroy any minister or denomination within the Body of Christ that does not fit their finely tuned theological box of arguments.

 “It’s a black hole when you start to believe you’re the police of the body of Christ but you’re not getting that from above. You’re getting it from the devil.” Person quoted not listed intentionally.

With an air of piety, these men and women, lash out at other ministers and ministries declaring them to be false and inaccurate in their theology.  Using a type of strong arm tactic, the pious po-po proudly declares, “I will no longer follow the teachings of this or that group because they believe this and I don’t.”  Forget the fact that both camps believe 99.9% of what the other believes; it is the .1% disagreement that matters in the eyes of the pseudo Bible police.

If a minister is called by God to police a certain portion of the Church – the Body of Christ as a whole – that is fine.  I have no problem with that.  However, if a minister has made it their personal mission to seek out and correct others in the Body who are not under their spiritual authority, I have a big time problem with that.  And, to you offenders I write, “Stay in your lane, Bro.”  Be blessed.

Personal Note:  I have been guilty of this very thing that I write.  This is as much an admonition for myself as it is a lesson for others.

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6 comments on “Who Called the Bible Police??
  1. SLIMJIM says:

    Your post made me think of some who think their ministry is to professionally and spend full time attacking other pastors…now I think there’s a place for discernment ministry but then there’s those kind of discernment ministry that’s just dripping with something else but love, charity and graciousness and even truth.


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