Preparing for the Backside of the Storm!

By Patrick Hawthorne



The hurricane is one of the most fierce of the storms that nature can throw at us.  Extreme winds, flooding rain, and dangerous storm surges are but a part of the chaos brought about by these massive storms. Like a spider casting its spindly web, hurricane feeder bands give life to the ever dangerous tornado that will reach out to grab at whatever the main storm misses.

Yet, the hurricane has a calm side…the eye of the storm.  Many have lost their lives from being lulled into a false peace brought about by the emergence of the eye.  Thinking the storm has passed, many let their guard down and wander from the safety of their protective area.  This fact serves as an analogy for the Church of today.

Around 2000 years ago, the early church was hit hard with the front side of a massive storm of persecution that lasted around 300 years. Afterwards, a period of relative calm, the eye, passed over the Church for around 1700 years.  Now, the back end, the end-of-days  portion of the storm has arrived and it is beginning to hit with a vengeance.  Unfortunately, many in the Body of Jesus Christ are not seeing this because they have wandered  from the safety of God’s Word and are flirting with the things of this world.

One minister said, “Riding the fence cannot be an option because eventually you will fall off.  The direction you fall is dependent on the persuasion of what is inside of you.”

There is already a lot of pressure to back off of the message of the Gospel in order to pacify the critics.  Don’t do it.  Stand strong to your convictions.  We are seeing it firsthand.  Many churches have gone beyond accommodation to compromising.

Rick Renner… “Those who try to accommodate the spirit of the age may avoid the overt pressure of the persecution but they will also lose the power to walk in the Holy Spirit.  But those who make no room for compromise must be ready to face the backlash of a world that grows increasingly intolerant of those who believe in and stand for moral absolutes.”

The back side of the storm is upon the Church. If you have been straddling the fence of compromise, I strongly urge you to walk away from that fence.  Yes, you may face persecution but, in its stead, you will gain the power to walk in it through the Holy Spirit.  Be blessed.

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4 comments on “Preparing for the Backside of the Storm!
  1. SLIMJIM says:

    Good spiritual lesson here; by the way is the storm heading towards your way???


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