By Patrick Hawthorne


Ok, I’m not really offended.  I’m just spouting a popular tag line that has permeated pretty much everything.

“I’m offended by that.”

“By what?”

“By your lack of offense in my offense.  You are a beast of a man.”

I remember the day that I jumped all over a particular individual for an obvious breech of common intelligence.  The first thing out of this individual’s mouth, upon being called out for their flagrant moral depravity, was “That offends me.”  Of course, I was immediately humbled and deflated by the mention of their offense.  NOT!

The Bible tells us that in these last days, offense will abound more and more.  We are already seeing this.  The funny part is that, in many of the cases, those who shout the loudest, “Crucify the offenders!” are usually the ones who are later caught up in the same crime.

With tears produced from a bottle of eye drops, we hear, “I humbly apologize for any offense that may have occurred by my being caught.”

And then many will be offended, will betray one another, and will hate one another. 11 Then many false prophets will rise up and deceive many. 12 And because lawlessness will abound, the love of many will grow cold. (Matthew 24:10-12 KJV.)

I’ve written on offense before, but it can never be overstated.  When we walk in offense, we lock ourselves away in a prison cell of our own making.  Even though we hold the key to our freedom, often times we do not want to let go of our grip on the cell bars long enough to reach the lock to turn the key.

Offense is a gateway, an open door, to deception.  It is through this opening that we are drawn to the subtle calls of demonic forces as they attempt to lure us away from the loving hands of our Heavenly Father.  Once they have succeeded it is as the proverb states, “A brother offended is harder to be won than a strong city. (Proverbs 18:19 KJV).   From offense to betrayal, from betrayal to hatred; it is a path leading to death. 

Jesus said that the world would hate us (born again believers) just as it hated Him (John 15:18). If you allow offense to rule your life, the devil has just succeeded in putting a basket over the light within in you, making you as dark as the world.

You have the choice to not let offense rule.  Which way will you choose?  Be blessed.


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7 comments on “I’m OFFENDED!
  1. Deborah Ann says:

    Well said Patrick ! ~ Blessings ~

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  2. A huge amen, Patrick!

    A bit funny, but I work with some people who really just try my patience. So while slaving away busy cleaning up all their messes, they decided to complain about my, “lack of team work.” I was definitely offended, just biting my tongue, and the Lord was like, “calm down, look at your shirt.” So I did and under my uniform that day I had worn my, “does not play well with others” shirt. Ooops! It was very funny. So there I was trying to be offended about something I am actually a bit proud off. Alas, now I must allow the Lord to stretch my patience a bit farther and try to nurture a better sense of team work.


  3. Mel Wild says:

    That’s offensive, Patrick. LOL! NOT!

    Jordan Peterson was asked one time why he is sometimes offensive. His answer was, nothing important and meaningful has ever been said that hasn’t offended someone. That is spot-on. What our culture needs to do is to grow up.


  4. Kim Petitt says:

    Your post caught my attention because I plan on sharing on the topic of offense. Offense is a real human emotion that we all feel. I love how you put it, “When we walk in offense, we lock ourselves away in a prison cell of our own making.”


  5. Thank you much for your kind words. Have a blessed day.


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