Are You a Jerk?

By Patrick Hawthorne

I was tiddling through Facebook… I don’t even know if tiddling is a word but I’m using it anyway because I’m me and I like to make up words.  Anywho… I was tiddling through Facebook and I came upon a post by a J.S. Park.  Now, I have no clue who this J.S. Park is because he magically popped up on my feed.  However, being as I like to give credit where credit is due – which is another term for not plagiarizing – I would like to share with you the words of Mr. J. S. Park.

js park

I don’t agree with the irony part, but the rest is true.  True irony would be having a literal bible thumped over ones cranium in response to being a jerk with the spoken Word of God.  It would also be amusing to watch.

Don’t be a jerk!  Don’t get a coffee table sized version of the bible thumped over your head.  Pull that industrial sized weatherized beam from ye ole eyeball before moving onto the splinters of others.  Be blessed.

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7 comments on “Are You a Jerk?
  1. Amen. We have name for those people, “jerks for Jesus.” The hard part is to be understanding and merciful towards them. Sometimes it helps me to remember that what we’re doing to others, is probably what God wants to do to us. So if you’re standing in His grace, you’re reflecting His grace, but if you’re whacking people over the head, you’re actually reflecting His ire towards you.

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    • There is a commercial about bosses named Dave who act like jerks. “Don’t be a Dave.”

      “Don’t be a jerk for Jesus.”

      Actually you are right on target. The Word says we reap what we sow. Sow grace, get grace. Sow a whack over the head with the bible and expect to get your bell rung likewise. 🙂

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      • LOL! Our dear pastor who has now moved away, is named Dave. He is anything but a “Dave,” but still we would tease him with that commercial and Dave’s red button. It was quite funny, because who hasn’t wanted a Dave button you can just push when people fail to cooperate?


  2. Mel Wild says:

    That’s a great meme and good comments, Patrick. If we’re going to actually follow Jesus we need to let the Bible study us.

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  3. SLIMJIM says:

    Good reminder Patrick


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