Monday Morning Humor

Patrick Hawthorne


Saw this on Facebook and could not resist.  No one hates math more than me.





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9 comments on “Monday Morning Humor
  1. Ha! That’s adorable. As hard as forgiveness can be sometimes, it’s still probably way easier then trying to solve that equation. How much is 7 times 70? A whole bunch. It’s just a really big number. If you’re trying keep score, you’re probably missing the point of that message. 🙂

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  2. I used to be a whiz at math, but aging has caught up with me. Have to use a calculator for the simplest things now.

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  3. Jules says:

    Funny that this is the second time this scripture has come up this morning. I’d better be alert for the opportunity to out it into practise. Oh and it made me chuckle!


  4. I bet I hate math twice as much as you.


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