C.S. Lewis Asks, Is There Such A Thing As “Christian Obstinacy”?

This comes from Craig T. Owens Blog site. C.S. Lewis gives one of the best answers I have ever read to explain not only our need to trust in God, but why it may appear that things are growing worse when it actuality it may be the path to things getting better.

Craig T. Owens

“There are times when we can do all that a fellow creature needs if only he will trust us. In getting a dog out of a trap, in extracting a thorn from a child’s finger, in teaching a boy to swim or rescuing one who can’t, in getting a frightened beginner over a nasty place on a mountain, the one fatal obstacle may be their distrust. We are asking them to trust us in the teeth of their senses, their imagination, and their intelligence. We ask them to believe that what is painful will relieve their pain and that what looks dangerous is their only safety. We ask them to accept apparent impossibilities: that moving the paw farther back into the trap is the way to get it out—that hurting the finger very much more will stop the finger hurting—that water which is obviously permeable will resist and support the…

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2 comments on “C.S. Lewis Asks, Is There Such A Thing As “Christian Obstinacy”?
  1. Amen, Patrick. Another translation for the word “faith” is actually “trust.” Many of us put our faith in the Lord, as if faith means, “is God real?” It is not enough to believe that God exists, we have to trust in Him. That’s what “taking a leap of faith” actually means, we are trusting in Him. A lot of us have trust issues, probably most of us, but the more we can trust in the goodness of God, the better off we will be.

    I like how in the bible Jesus says over and over again,”your faith has healed you.” Your faith, meaning your trust. The woman with the issue, of blood she trusted that if she just touched His hem, she’d be healed.

    Today it seems as if we have a lot of people in the world who have faith, but they still have no idea what trust is all about. I sometimes say, even the demons “believe.” It’s not the beginning and the end of all things.


    • Good point. On the outside looking in, the woman with the issue of blood took a huge risk because she was unclean. You know she must have been terrified of what would happen to her if she was caught. Yet she did not allow her fear to overshadow her trust (faith) in Jesus.

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