Has the Church Become Empty Salt Shakers?

By Patrick Hawthorne



You are the salt of the earth. But if the salt should become-tasteless, with what will it be salted? It no longer has strength for anything except, having been thrown outside, to be trampled-underfoot by people. (Matthew 5:13 Disciples Literal New Testament).

Jesus had just begun His teaching in what we have come to know as the Beatitudes.  In carrying on the thought of, “Blessed are..,” He interjects – to those who are present for the message – that they are the salt of the earth; that WE are the salt of the earth.  He then tells them that they are lights meant to shine for all to see.

Of late, my thoughts have been toward the Body of Christ and how we have failed in so many ways.  As I read this particular verse, I could not help but think, “Have we become an army of empty salt shakers?”

Yes, we tout our conversions for Christ as some great achievement, but where is the discipleship?  Where are the “Doer’s of the Word and not hearers only?”  We have more biblical knowledge than any generation before us.  Yet, why is this world so dark? Is it because we are hiding our lights under the cover of our churches?  Are we so busy with our inward fighting of each other that we are failing in our good fight of faith?

Believe me, as I am pointing my finger at you I am just as much turning it back on me.  Jesus came to this world, not just to die, but to show us how to live.  He came to this earth to right the wrong brought about in the Garden of Eden.  Jesus came to reestablish heaven on earth so that we could once again walk in the cool of the evening with our Heavenly Father.  He came to restore the authority and the power that was stolen by the father of lies.  He came so that we could show a lost and dying world that there is freedom.

Yet, have we become as a lamp, empty of any oil in which to light a flame; salt which has lost all flavor?  No, I don’t think so.  I think we have merely lost our way but for a moment.  We will once again find our way once we stop talking the talk and begin walking the talk.  Be blessed.


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20 comments on “Has the Church Become Empty Salt Shakers?
  1. anitvan says:

    The wrong brought about in the Garden that Jesus came to right is unbelief! That’s what we lost in the Fall – we stopped believing God’s Word – not only His commands, but His promises as well.

    Even as Christians – as believers! – we still struggle to fully trust God in all his Word for us, that His commands as well as his promises are good for us.

    Before we can be doers of the word, we must first be believers of the Word. All of it!

    Want more doers? Preach more Gospel! 😀 It is the Gospel that is the power to overcome all unbelief, even the unbelief that still clings to stubborn, yet forgiven souls.


    • Hi Anita…I’m going to disagree with you but just a tad bit.

      What we lost in the fall was direct communion with the Father. It was not unbelief that caused Eve to be deceived and Adam to sin. It was satan enticing them with the world system as shown in 1st John 2:16 and them giving in to that enticement…Lust of the flesh, lust of the eye, and the pride of life.

      As for wanting more doers, we must go beyond just preaching the Gospel. We must be practitioners of the Gospel. We have plenty who hear the Gospel, yet do not put it into practice. Jesus referred to them as seeds…Some seed was planted on stony ground, some in thistles, some on good ground. I can preach the Gospel till I am blue in the face, but if I live like the devil, what I say will bear little to no fruit.


      • anitvan says:

        Hiya Patrick…I think we’re probably more in agreement than it might seem 🙂

        I do agree that in the Fall we lost direct communion with God (among other things); that in our fallen state we lost our ability to be in His direct presence and full communion with Him. But I see that, too, as a consequence of unbelief. I don’t mean to say they stopped believing that God existed – clearly they still knew He was hanging about! – I mean that they were persuaded, or tempted or deceived into questioning whether what God promised could be trusted. He said, Don’t eat from this tree or you will surely die. “Surely” is a bit of a clue here. If God says something will happen then it will surely happen. It is, you could say, a promise.

        When He made his creation, God called it good – another promise that our first parents believed – until Satan came along and stole away their trust with his lies. “God said He made you good, but I say you can be even better than He made you!” If they had stood their ground and said, “No, I’m gonna stick with what God said, thanks. I’m gonna believe Him.”…well, things would be a lot different, wouldn’t they?”

        That’s ever our temptation – to not believe what God says is true. That goes for the things he says about growing in grace and discipleship as well!

        I’m not saying that we jettison all talk about discipleship and obedience – I’m saying we should talk about *believing* these things because they are good and right and true, as God promises they are. And the only power that I know of that can cause us to believe is the Gospel.

        Growing in discipleship is good for us, because out of it grows good works for our neighbour and every other kind of good fruit. As Christians, we do what we can by the faith that we have. If we want to grow in discipleship then we must also grow faith – which is why I say “preach more Gospel!”

        I’m any case, as I said to Wally earlier today, where we are in agreement, I rejoice! Where we are in disagreement, we search the Scriptures and discuss 😀

        Thanks for wrestling with me today!

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      • Gotcha…In this case the discussion turned into clarification. 🙂


  2. Donald Norris says:


    Good word. Just the other day I ran across this verse (I can’t remember where now). I’ve known that salt was a preservative and flavor enhancer, but I was never too sure the application of this passage until I read that this explanation. It’s so obvious that I failed to consider it: Salt makes us thirsty. By being the salt of the earth, we are called to make others thirsty for the Word of God.


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  3. Mel Wild says:

    Amen, Patrick. Good stuff.
    One thing about Jesus’ illustration here is that old salt was often pounded into the cracks in the Roman roads so that the soldiers could walk over it unhindered. So, when Jesus says it would be “trampled underfoot” He was giving the picture of the enemy using our “un-saltiness” to fulfill his purposes unhindered by us! Pretty sad when you see it that way! But it’s true, the enemy often uses immature and carnal Christians to fulfill his agenda.

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    • Another great response! Don, in the comment above, wrote “By being the salt of the earth, we are called to make others thirsty for the Word of God.”

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    • dawnlizjones says:

      Mel and Patrick, what are the warning signs here? Things like fighting over positions, and use of gifts, of course, but what are the more subtle ways that we make it easier for the enemy to tread us underfoot? There is so, so much at stake.


      • Well, some of my thoughts have come from some of Mel’s recent posts. Jesus, in Matthew 5, is telling the people, “Blessed are you…” The Beatitudes are basically the fruit produced as we walk with our Heavenly Father. A huge warning sign is not seeing the fruit. This can come simply by being disobedient to what we know to do.

        For me personally, running off at the mouth is a trap I seem to consistently fall into. I let my mouth overload my brain and feel “the need,” to speak evil of another.

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      • dawnlizjones says:

        I hear you on that one. Plus the fruit. Thanks for that reminder.


  4. SLIMJIM says:

    Sobering thought to think we can be empty salt shakers

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  6. Seen this on Gods Man Forever site from Brother Bruce and commented:
    I am not afraid of the truth as so many are. It leads to repentance in a true Christian heart! Too many today are either “tickling ears” to gain more members (like the liberal medial wanting more subscriptions even to the point of lies) or we have pews filled with people WANTING their ears tickled! It is sad, but it was also forewarned!
    Give me the TRUTH any day and I will turn to the Holy Spirit all the more for His help, strength and direction!!! Anymore, I can not let a day go by without crying out, “Come quickly, Lord Jesus!”
    This is a much needed article and I thank with my whole heart for Brother Bruce reblogging it! In fact, I need too as well!
    God bless you Brother Bruce AND Brother Patrick, greatly and abundantly!


  7. Reblogged this on FOR THE LOVE OF GOD and commented:
    A great article by Brother Patrick Hawthorne. Be sure to check his site for other posts, you will ALWAYS get the truth from him; and, we should NEVER be afraid of the truth no matter how it comes!!! Salt indeed!!!


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  9. Terri Nida says:

    Hi Patrick – I enjoyed reading your blog and am convicted by your challenge to us as individuals and to the churches. I feel so many Christians are content to be just lukewarm. It’s so much easier that way! I’m also praying for a miracle in this world, starting with our leaders, to make it a more loving, Christ centered, safe place. God bless.


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