Preparing to Be Prepared


By Patrick Hawthorne


God has already prepared what is needed for prepared people…Cynthia Jenkins

Not too long ago my pastor made an interesting comment from the pulpit.  He said, “It could be that you are not moving into what God has for you because you are not preparing to be prepared.”  That statement at first sounded a bit odd but then I realized it held a remarkable truth.  To be prepared is either past or present tense meaning that we are ready, set, and all systems are “Go.”  In other words, for us to be prepared there must first be a preparing process.

Pastor recounted how, in his early days before stepping into full time ministry, he would pray, “O’ Lord, open doors for me.”  One day, as he prayed, “O’ Lord, open doors for me,” he heard within his spirit, “If I did open the door, you wouldn’t have anything to say.”  What a shocking revelation!

It was then that Pastor realized that he was not prepared even if God did open the ministry door for him.  At that point, he set out to pray, study, and to wait upon the Lord.  He put together messages although he had no one to preach them to and nowhere to preach.  As he said, he was preparing to be prepared to walk through the door when it opened.

What about you?  Maybe you feel with all that is within you that God has called you to do something.  Yet, that door just does not seem to want to open.  Instead of pointing your finger at God and blaming Him for crushing your dreams, consider that you might be the problem.  Consider that you are not prepared should that door open.

The Bible gives a great example of this with the parable of the ten virgins (Matthew 25:1-13). The five foolish virgins were waiting to walk through the door with the groom’s party…yet they were not prepared.  They were expecting to walk through the door with the groom’s party…yet they were not prepared.  They felt the call to walk through the door with the groom’s party…. yet they were not prepared.  Think about it.  Are you preparing to be prepared?  Be blessed.


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11 comments on “Preparing to Be Prepared
  1. Mel Wild says:

    Amen. I agree that a lot of people have some misconceptions about “open doors.” I have found that God brings me along a course of actions that I do in response to Him, then a door may open along the lines of this trajectory. It’s never me sitting back waiting for God to take me from point A to Z, when I haven’t even responded to point B.


  2. Amen! Preparing to be prepared,indeed. I am not one of those “name it and claim it” people, but I really do believe we need to walk in it as if it were already true.

    Not long ago a pastor told us about Acts 12, Peter having been arrested and the whole church is so busy praying for him to be released that they don’t even hear him when he shows up out front banging on the gate. Rhoda goes to the gate, but she is so surprised, she doesn’t open it. Instead she runs back to tell the others, but they accuse her of having seen a ghost. So we have all these people praying away, but nobody is actually prepared to have their prayers answered.

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    • Well, actually I have read your posts for long enough to believe that you are a reasoned name it and claim it type person. In other words, the name it has to line up with God’s Word and His will before you claim it. I am the same way. Like Wally says, God is not a cosmic vending machine.


      • Wally Fry says:

        Well I am all for preparing to be prepared. I think often of Elijah and the time he spent alone and with that widow woman…all preparing for his big moment. He was so willing to do the little. Think of this. He sat with that lady for what? Two years? Probably told her about God the whole time. Maybe that was God’s way of seeing if he would be that dedicated to one widow woman before He let him have his big moment. And yes…God is not a cosmic vending machine. I actually stole that from Adrian Rogers I think. But thanks for remembering. It’s very encouraging when a brother does something like that.

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      • That one statement just got stuck in me ole cranium 🙂

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  3. mitchteemley says:

    A very important message for spiritual wait-ers (which is pretty much all of us)!

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  4. ColorStorm says:

    Let’s remember too the preparation of the baptist, in heralding the coming of the One whose latchet……………..and how it didn’t end well, or did it?

    Anyway, are you prepared to answer Patrick your query at my place regarding your concern? appears lots of believers are afraid to even speak on the topic.

    Truth I believe is fearless, as do you I’m sure. But true science always agrees with scripture, so fear be danmed….

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  5. […] we are not prepared for when that door does open.  If you missed that post, please click on “Preparing to be Prepared.” What about those other times? What if you have done all you know to do to be prepared?  What if […]


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