Educating Your Head at the Expense of Your Heart

By Patrick Hawthorne

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Indeed, this is a sad commentary on the state of the Church.  Are we, the Body of Christ, educating our heads at the expense of our heart?  Remember back to the days when you were first born again, before religion had the opportunity to sink its insidious talons into your born again baby flesh?  We had faith to grab the moon; we had faith to move mountains.  But then something happened.  We became educated.  We allowed the teachings of man to set the bar on how high we should believe.

Education is not a bad thing.   However, education at the expense of our heart – at the expense of our personal relationship with our Lord Jesus – is idolatry.

 “Assuredly, I say to you, unless you change and become as little children, you will by no means enter the kingdom of heaven.”  (Matthew 18:3)

Children will reach for the stars.  Children are willing to believe beyond their capabilities.  If you have ever seen a child pray for another, there is no pretense; there is no formality.  There is only faith.  There is only hope for the thing which cannot be seen to be manifested in the natural.

A little child has not been educated into believing that miracles, signs, and wonders have passed away.  They have not learned man’s teachings that God will not do for some as He has done for others.  They have not learned the limitations set by man’s doctrine.  If God did it in the Bible, they believe…period.

Yes, as I write this I feel a deep sadness.  I have prayed for the Lord to break my heart for what breaks His.  Now, I’m beginning to understand what He meant when He asked if I was ready to be inconvenienced by the answers to my prayers.  Be blessed.

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16 comments on “Educating Your Head at the Expense of Your Heart
  1. Amen! Love these words.

    I really believe this is a serious matter. When Jesus Christ came, He spoke extensively about the the dangers of having religion only in our heads. The pharisee were very good at that, rules and intellectual faith, but no wisdom and no heart. One could even say that religious spirit devoid of heart is what lead us to crucify Christ Himself. At the end of the story, Christ doesn’t address all the sinners and bad people out there, He addresses the churches.

    One reason why so many people come to faith when they are completely broken,is because that is a child like state,vulnerable, helpless,and that is where God lives, right on the other side of our brains. I call it slipping in under the radar. It is our brains that tend to reason Him away, to resist, to try to create a relationship that we can control. A child is not in control,nor particularly dignified either, and we often forget that.

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  2. You wrote… It is our brains that tend to reason Him away, to resist, to try to create a relationship that we can control.

    Great choice of words. As you wrote, a child is not particularly dignified. To add to that, children can be really messy.


  3. Pam Byrd says:

    Good thoughts Patrick.

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  4. SLIMJIM says:

    Hearty AMen Patrick; 100% Amen.

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  6. anitvan says:

    Patrick, forgive me I am lost…

    I’m not sure what you are referring to by “education”. Do you mean, like, higher education? (College, for example, is not exactly a faith-friendly environment.) Or did you have something else in mind?


    • Hi Anita. What I’m referring to is any education concerning God that puts the education above a relationship with Him. For instance, if I spend all my time reading about Jesus but never spend time in prayer with Jesus, I’m gaining head knowledge but that is all.

      Think about it this way. I’m assuming you are married. What type of relationship do you think you and your husband would have it all he did was read your love notes to him but never spent time talking to you? He would learn of your great love for him but he would never experience that great love. Why? It would be because he was educating his head at the expense of his heart. I hope that helps.

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  7. anitvan says:

    Ok, yes I gotcha. There’s a vast difference between academically assenting to knowledge of God, and TRUSTING God. We don’t trust our “knowledge” of Him to save, we trust Him.

    I’m curious though, when you say “any” education, do you include biblical literacy? I’m not entirely comfortable with the idea of putting prayer (or any other spiritual discipline for that matter), over and above reading Scripture. Surely the Holy Spirit is present and active for both?

    I am married; coming up on 29 years actually 😀 I still have his old love letters to me, and I still get them out from time to time, even though he is present and still by my side. I treasure them!


    • We have something in common. In a couple of months I too will be married for 29 years.

      With your question I do include biblical literacy. However, you added the word “Prayer.” I wrote of “Relationship.” I make it a habit to pray as I read Scripture. I ask the Holy Spirit to help me receive what it is He wants me to receive. Studying the Word is vital. However, equally vital is talking with the Lord. People get into trouble when they neglect one over the other. Trust me, I know. I used to put the Word over prayer. Because of that, I became puffed up with knowledge, but had no relationship with my Lord. Now, I balance the two. Because of the balance, I am now closer with my Heavenly Father.


  8. dawnlizjones says:

    Such an importance between childlike faith and childish faith.


  9. Sometimes I’m caught in the belief that the more I think I know about the word and things of the Lord, the less I become.

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