Prayer…Part 4 – Be Careful…You Might Just Get What You Pray For!

By Patrick Hawthorne


I was writing on the will of God and just could not move forward.  The words were not flowing smoothly.  As I stopped to ask the Lord what the problem might be, I felt the prompting of the Holy Spirt to head in this current direction.  Actually, this is exactly what walking in the will of God is about.  It is about being sensitive to the Holy Spirit and to go in the direction the Father desires.  That is how Jesus operated when He walked the earth and how we too should operate.

Back to the point, I felt that the Holy Spirit wanted me to caution you to be honest with your praying and to think about the consequences of what could happen if He grants the petition you are seeking.  I know this is an odd thing to write, but we must prepare ourselves to receive answer to our prayers.  It may just be that the answer will cause our lives to be disrupted and inconvenienced.

Let me use the focus of one of my prayers as an example.  I have been praying for an outpouring of the Holy Spirit upon my home town and for the family dynamic to return so that men would step up in their roles as fathers and women would step up in their role as mothers.  I have been praying for the Body of Christ to wake up and to be the beacons of light to a dark world so that the lost would come to know Jesus as Lord.

Several days ago, the Lord interrupted my thoughts with a question.   “Are you prepared to be inconvenienced?”  Thoughts of people flocking off the streets into my home church and into my life played out in my mind.  I thought about how some would not smell good, some would not be prim and proper, and some would be less than desirable.  I then thought about how my casual evenings might be interrupted by a desperate babe in Christ needing emergency prayer or counseling.  Was I prepared for the midnight interruptions from sleep?

 “No Lord, I have not prepared myself.  But, to this question, help me so that I am prepared.”

Answered prayer will often cause inconvenience.  It will often cause interruption to our lives if we sincerely desire the answer to our petitions.  As I write this, my thought turns to another question.  “Could it be that we are not receiving more answers to our prayers because we are not really certain we want an answer?” Think about it.  Be blessed.


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30 comments on “Prayer…Part 4 – Be Careful…You Might Just Get What You Pray For!
  1. Amen! Really well said. I too have been moved by a prompting from the Holy Spirit, have you really thought this through? Do you understand what you’re asking for? And if I really do, then just start walking in it, just proceed as if those prayers have already been answered.

    There’s a meme floating around, little girl in a high chair staring in horror at a whole lobster that suddenly appeared on her tray. Prayers can be a bit like that. God is often kind that way, He will lead us to understand what we are asking and what that might look like in our lives.


  2. Wally Fry says:

    Interesting here. I am mildly disturbed, as I have had some prayers being sent, and am concerned God may want me to be more of the answer to my prayer than I really want to be.


  3. Wally Fry says:

    Reblogged this on Truth in Palmyra and commented:
    Finally! Another installment in this great series on prayer.
    Blessings and enjoy!

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  4. SLIMJIM says:

    Good point Patrick. As I read this I thought about how I prayed for our church many years ago to reach people. Looking back I see God has brought people to Himself but along the way I have lost sight that the difficult people in our church with problems was an answered prayer. Ministry is not just building a churchdom with healthy looking people. If we’re doing ministry right, God brings all sorts of people.


  5. […] Original post @ […]


  6. Singles pray for a mate all the time and yet leave their apartments and finances a disaster area, their mental sex lives a wide-open door for Satanic oppression, and their tongues a thoughtless furnace. If they had any idea how marriage will force them to change, would they still pray?

    I try to live as I imagine a married person would.


  7. Ha,ha! I smile as I read this post. There are some prayers that I’ve been a bit afraid to pray, because of the answer that I might receive. I’m not so sure that I am prepared for the answers just yet.

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