Twenty Dollar Challenge

By Patrick Hawthorne


We are entering the Christmas Season.  OK, so Christmas season began for some in October.  Nevertheless, it is a prime time to become a giver if you are not already one.

Just to clear the air, I believe that God wishes to prosper us.  Now, before you begin to cast stones at my follicle challenged cranium, I will confess that I do not subscribe to a lot of the foolishness that is being taught from many pulpits today.  Prosperity does not necessarily mean wealth and riches.  Nor does it mean hoarding wealth.  It means relying on God to meet our needs and then letting go and letting Him provide.  It also means, trusting God to provide for us so that we might, in turn, help others with their needs.

The Bible tells us, in Isaiah 32:8 that a generous man can stand on his generosity.  In other words, the world may seemingly be going to hell in a hand basket, but those who are generous towards others can stand before God in the confidence that He will in turn meet their needs.  We see this all throughout the New Testament.

Unfortunately, Christian’s can be some of the biggest tight wad Scrooges.  To combat that, I am offering a challenge.  I call it the Twenty Dollar Challenge.  I want you to take a twenty dollar bill and set it aside.  I then want you to ask the Lord to direct you to the person He would like you to give that twenty dollars to.  It’s that simple.  Go about your day, or your week and when you feel the prompting of the Holy Spirit simply give the money to the person and tell them that Jesus loves them.  It is that easy.

So there it is…the Twenty Dollar Challenge.  It might not seem like a big thing.  But, then again, to someone who really needs to know that our Heavenly Father really cares about them, it might be a huge thing.  Be blessed.

Note:   If Twenty Dollars is out of your range at the moment, give what you can.  It is not about the money amount.  It is about the heart behind the giving. 

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11 comments on “Twenty Dollar Challenge
  1. Wally Fry says:

    Really liked your explanation of what it means….that God wants us to prosper. I can so be on board with that. As opposed to some who say God wants us all rich, or the other end with those who say God wants our lives to suck.


    • Yeah…A few bad apples have made the so-called prosperity message to mean something it was never meant to be. In reality, it is just walking in God’s grace by faith. On the other side, as you wrote, are those who believe we are of no more value to God than excrement to be scraped off the bottom of a shoe.


      • Wally Fry says:

        What’s funny about this Patrick, is that my pastor, who has in preaching in our word 50 years, and I are learning and growing together in this area. It’s been borderline shocking to tell the truth. Except for the fact that the things he has been saying can’t really be Biblically disputed, I am surprised some have not called him out. But, that’s the problem…to call him on it would require using tradition and preference as support and not what God Himself told us.


      • If I understand correctly, your pastor is teaching the congregation that God loves them and really does have a desire to bless them. However, some who are of the old, “I’m just a worm,” mentality are not to happy with him.


      • Wally Fry says:

        Yes, that is basically what he is teaching. But, nobody is saying a word! That is the amazing part. When God works, people tend to shut up I suppose. Only a fool could deny that the Holy Spirit is working on our little place, so what can one say to that and not look a fool?

        Example. Once a month, some of the churches in our association hold a Youth Rally. Something that fell out of favor some years back…who has time for that right? On a Monday night of all things. Last night, another church was the host, and we took 34 kids and 6 grown ups. They did..i was working. That’s huge for us, when we still think 100 at preaching is a big deal. We have even bought a brand new van, and still had to borrow cars to take every body. Amen eh? God is building us a future, and it is because we are getting out of His way and letting Him rip.


      • Wally Fry says:

        Oh…and I am still on board with the worm thing. Just now I am a redeemed worm whom God wants to bless.



      • lol…Let me ask you a question. If one of your children came to you and said, “Father Wally, I know all that you did for me to give me this wonderful life. Yet, I know I am nothing more than pond scum,” how do you think you would feel? You would probably want to snatch them up by the back of the neck and tell them that they are your child and start acting like it.

        The difference between your thinking and mine is that I have grabbed by faith His Word which says, “How precious also are Your thoughts to me, O God! How great is the sum of them! If I should count them, they would be more in number than the sand; When I awake, I am still with You.

        God, who is constantly thinking of us has called us His sons…Now, does that sound like a God who thinks of you as a worm? OK…I’m through scolding. By the way, I’m cheering your church on. It sounds like your pastor and the Lord have been doing a little bit of chatting.

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  2. SLIMJIM says:

    I’m in. I do think it is biblical that God wants us to give and we are bless by it. That blessing isn’t necessarily formulaic but there’s definitely something He blesses us with even if it means future heavenly reward


  3. Roger that…Another willing participant. Wooo hoooo!!


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