Beware the Enemy Behind You

By Patrick Hawthorne


The other day a friend commented that whenever it seems as if life is taking a turn for the better, sudden hell seems to break lose.  This friend was going through a particularly tough battle that was causing all faith to wane.

As I listened to my friend, I was reminded of a mental movie the Lord had given me several years back while in prayer.  I use the term, “Mental movie,” because the only other word I can think of would be vision. Seeing as I don’t have a hankering to be run out of town, I will keep the “V” word to myself.

In this mental movie I saw an ancient type army marching through an open field.  The army had its compliment of foot soldiers moving forward while the supply group with provisions brought up the rear. The army was headed out to engage the enemy at some designated area.  Off to the side, unbeknownst to the army, their enemy, a smaller group dressed in black, was slipping silently through the darkness of dense woods in a parallel fashion matching the movement of the army.

After a bit of time the army stopped to make camp.  When they did this, their enemy too hunkered down so as not to be seen or heard.  After a bit of time had passed and the army had rested and had eaten, the main troop once again began their forward movement. This time they decided to leave a portion of the supply group behind with a majority of the much needed provisions.  The thought process was that, in the event the army needed to fall back for any particular reason, not all their supplies would be lost and they would have a safe area to restock.

This was the moment the enemy was waiting on.  After the main army had moved out of sight, the enemy came out of the woods and attacked the supply group stealing all supplies and taking captive the remnant of troops.  The main army had no knowledge of the attack that had taken place and especially had no idea that they were being approached from the rear by the same enemy they were seeking to engage.

I believe that the Lord was showing me that sometimes we go off to spiritual war while leaving the majority of our provisions behind believing they will sustain us.  We rely on the prayers of yesterday to see us through the fight that is for today.  We nibble at the remnant of God’s Word from a battle fought yesterday instead of feasting at the table of His Word for today.  We believe that, if things get really rough, we can run back to the comfort of our safe area.  Little do we know but the safe area has been overrun by the enemy.

“Look unto Jesus,” is not some silly catch phrase we use to show how religious we are, but is our banner, our battle cry, to the One who will lead us to victory no matter how tough the fight.  Don’t rely on the victories of yesterday to sustain you in the battles of tomorrow.  By preparing yourself today, the battle of tomorrow may end up being a little skirmish instead of an all-out war.  Be blessed.

“And don’t for a minute let this Book of The Revelation be out of mind. Ponder and meditate on it day and night, making sure you practice everything written in it. Then you’ll get where you’re going; then you’ll succeed. Haven’t I commanded you? Strength! Courage! Don’t be timid; don’t get discouraged. God, your God, is with you every step you take.” (Joshua 1:8-9 Msg)

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18 comments on “Beware the Enemy Behind You
  1. Patrick,

    No need to shy away from using the word vision as that is what you described. Blessings upon you my brother.


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  2. This really fits with something that is going on in my life right now. Thank you for sharing this today! To God be the glory!

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  3. Jules says:

    The like button isn’t big enough for my reaction to this.
    Stay under His wings: sustenance, provision and protection all the time.

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  4. dawnlizjones says:

    Thanks for sharing your VISION! What are some of the other ways we leave our “provisions” behind and unguarded? Thoughts? (ie, other practical warnings?)


  5. Wally Fry says:

    The V word!!


    Good post Patrick


  6. Fantastic mental movie! I’m very guilty of not covering myself in prayer daily. Thanks for great insight regarding how the enemy works.

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  7. I love that verse from Joshua!


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