Saturday Morning Rant!!

By Patrick Hawthorne



Forgive me…I’m on a rant against all those who think they will be much heard for their intellectual  Hoo-Hah!  If I have to use a dictionary to understand every other word of what you are trying to convey, you might be an intelligent rock head.

K.I.S.S  (Keep It Simple Seminarians!)

(Note to the reader: The theological police intercepted this article prior to posting.  It should be noted that the author attempted to substitute the word “Seminarians,” with the word, “Stupid,” as in “Keep It Simple Stupid.”)

Ok…Rant is now complete.  You many resume your normal life.


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13 comments on “Saturday Morning Rant!!
  1. marijo1245 says:

    Thank you…I have to agree…some of us (me) enjoy the simple message without the use of a dictionary, concordance, reference books…I’ll never make it past the first confusing sentence. Rant complete!

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  2. Jamie Carter says:

    Isn’t it far more concerning that there’s a tangible dumbing down of Christianity? I know lots of -ism and -tion words because I’ve been carefully taught over the years. If I’m interpreting the question correctly, I think she’s asking something along the lines of if she’s struggling with this:
    I don’t understand why it’s more important for her to focus on the potluck – is it that women ought not to be the spiritual equals of their husbands – there must be a “gap” so that the husbands have something to teach their wives? Some things are above their paygrades / purview?


  3. SLIMJIM says:

    I like the ending for KISS! I agree with you the importance of trying to keep it simple. I feel the tug of two audiences for the blog at times; but definitely in ministry I think it has to be KISS all the way…and for the purpose of loving and shepherding God’s people and loving the lost.


  4. mitchteemley says:

    I believe it was the great Karl Barth whose response to a student’s question about the most profound theological truth he’d ever learned was, “Jesus loves me, this I know…”


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