Riddle Me This!

By Patrick Hawthorne


God’s absolute sovereignty:  The belief that God orders everything, controls everything, and rules over everything.

Riddle me this:  If you believe this doctrine and are sick, then apparently God caused you to be sick. Does this mean you are a hypocrite if you seek healing or take medicine?

STOP!  Don’t you dare get angry with me!  According to your doctrine, it was God’s will that I ask this question.  After all, He controls everything, doesn’t He?  I am just being His vessel.

Sound ridiculous don’t it?  Do you  seriously believe God is the author of all our stupid decisions?  “Ahhh, brothers and sisters.  We don’t know why God took Jim home at such a young age.  Never mind that Joe was using him as a saw horse.  To God be the glory.”


As we say in the South…”I’m just being messy.”  Be blessed.

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7 comments on “Riddle Me This!
  1. Truthfully, I think the concept of God’s absolute sovereignty is complex and requires a discussion of physics, time, freewill, and a roaring debate over predestination and predetermination.

    But on a more practical level we should be able to rest comfortably in the nature of God and trust in His goodness towards us. So He wishes us to be well and to prosper, even as our soul prospers. So God doesn’t make people sick because He’s mad at us and He doesn’t go around killing the bad people. His nature is good, pure, holy, and his intentions towards us are honorable, always.

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  2. Messy is good, just remember to be a hot mess, it’s much more fun. 🙂

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