The Persecuted…or the Jerk?

By Patrick Hawthorne


Yes, and all who desire to live godly in Christ Jesus will suffer persecution. (2 Timothy 3:12)

A friend recently presented a question on Facebook that made me take a mental step backwards as I pondered the truth of the inquiry.  With hand on chin in my, “I’m seriously thinking,” pose, I meditated on the words that had been written.

“Are you truly being persecuted for living a Godly life?  Or are you being persecuted for being a jerk?” What a great question!

This query, aimed at the reading audience, was birthed from my friend being a bit miffed about Christian’s using 2 Timothy 3:12 as a throw down verse to justify bad behavior so that they could pick up the, “I’m being persecuted” flag.

I love this friend dearly but we don’t always see eye to eye on every issue.  For that matter, when it comes to current societal issues, I dare say that we disagree more than we agree. However, as it relates to this particular issue, I am one hundred percent in agreement.

When the behavior of the Christian mimics the behavior of the world, we have a serious problem.  Yes, I believe you should stand up for what you believe.  Yes, I believe you should have the freedom to protect your family…and yes, I believe you should stand up to governmental laws that violate not only Biblical principles but just plain ole common horse sense.  One such issue is this ridiculous bathroom ruling.  It is stupid gone to seed.

On the flip side, no born again child of God has the freedom to act like a total jerk and then claim religious persecution.   That dog don’t hunt.   Am I guilty of acting like a total moron at times?  Yep!  Guilty as charged.  And, the sad part to me is not so much that I acted like an idiot, but that I lost a chance to be a light to a dying world.  Be blessed.



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11 comments on “The Persecuted…or the Jerk?
  1. Shane says:

    I agree, you are guilty of acting like a total moron!!! Ha ha ha. Just kidding there vato. Good article!!

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  2. Wally Fry says:

    That was good Patrick. One of the beatitudes says Blessed are those persecuted for my names sake, not those who act like jerks. Even when we take a legitimate stand, we often fail to honestly acknowledge time is the past when we have failed to stand. As a result, we seem as if we hate certain people.

    Example. Back when the County Clerk in Kentucky was under fire. I support what she did by the way and I also support the fact that if she chooses to violate the law of the land she might have to pay a price. That is how civil disobedience works.

    Anyway my point LOL. My mother in law was circuit clerk here for 36 years. In most places, County clerks file marriage licenses, and Circuit clerks file divorce papers. You have to understand my MIL is very outspoken and of strong opinions. As am I. I may actually be the only person living to ever face her down on anything LOL. Most have died in the process.I do,however, love her just like a mother.

    Anyway, she was really, really going off on a tangent about that county clerk, and kind of got a little hateful about it. So, in my direct sort of way I looked her in the eye and asked her

    “So, tell me. When no fault divorce became legal, how did folks react when you refused to file the papers, being as God kind of hates that too?.”


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  3. SLIMJIM says:

    Good post! This is one that’s part of my heart beat! If we are to be persecuted let it be because God can’t fault us for being gentle, respectful and tactful…and that we shouldn’t throw the persecution card when we were a jerk. Also, “that dog don’t hunt,” is that a Southern saying?


  4. Thanks Pastor Jim. That dog don’t hunt is more of a red neck term. In this case it more or less means that I’m not accepting of the excuse that it is acceptable to act out and call it persecution. Stick with me and I will “git ya talking like you’se from the south” 🙂


  5. Great post. Sometimes the persecution is brought on by our bad behaviour.


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