Let the Worshipper’s Arise!

By Patrick Hawthorne

We the Body of Christ have a decision to make.  We are at a fork in the road.  Either we can continue down the path that keeps us at one another’s throats, bickering about petty theological differences, or we can take the path that leads to a Church without spot or blemish.

If you haven’t noticed, this world is falling apart; it is unraveling at the seams.  No, this is not some wild claim of impending doom from a conspiracy theorist, but a simple observation from a simple man of God who is witnessing the increasing of the birth pangs.

“Father I hear it growing louder, the song of your redeemed, As the saints of every nation are awakening to sing.”  As I sang those lyrics, along with my church family made up of black and white, young and old, rich and poor, male and female, it occurred to me.  This is my prayer, this is my plea…”Let the worshippers arise!”


Father, I see that You are drawing a line in the sand
And I wanna be standing on the side,
Holding Your hand
So let Your kingdom come, let it live in me,
This is my prayer, this is my plea
Let the worshippers arise
Let the sons and the daughters sing
I’m surrendering my all to You
I surrender to the King
Father I hear it growing louder, the song of your redeemed
As the saints of every nation are awakening to sing
And from our hearts there comes this anthem
Oh, let the heavens ring
This is our song, a song to the King


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10 comments on “Let the Worshipper’s Arise!
  1. Jules says:

    This is the second thing I read today on the topic of unity. If we’re worshipping the same God shouldn’t we concentrate on that instead of the minor things that divide us? Minor in comparison with an infinite God whom we can only begin to understand.

    Let’s worship in Spirit and Truth and leave the rest to Him. Thank you

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  2. SLIMJIM says:

    I believe the centrality of the Gospel with all its implications can bring about the Christian unity and focus on what’s important. With that said I appreciate your fellowship.

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    • You are right, my friend. However, the Body as a whole has adopted a mentality of being many tribes within the tribe. For instance, I have heard ministers of one tribe tell their congregation that they are the only ones saved because they believe thus and thus. It is not until we are willing to step across denominational lines that we can look to the centrality of the Gospel. According to one particular minister both you and I are doomed for hell because we are not of his denomination.

      You and I, Pam, Wally, and a host of others we are mutual friends with are examples of those willing to step outside the boundaries of our tribes and fellowship together. We accept the basics which is, “Jesus is our Lord, He was born of a virgin, He died for our sins, He rose from the dead, He is alive and He will return. We agree on so much more than that, but don’t let the little differences stop us from fellowship.

      This is another reason I believe the Lord brought me onto the blogging scene. I am corresponding with Baptists, Catholics, Presbyterian, Methodists etc… We all love the Lord, and for the most part, believe the very same things, with a few minor differences.

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  3. […] commented on a blog yesterday that God is big enough to have room for all the minor bits of our belief – minor in […]


  4. I don’t do theological debate though, I am open to reasoned discussion. If I make my theology very clear to you then you will know a great deal more about me but I’m not so sure you’ll know more about God…in the end, it just isn’t about me it about Him.


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