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There is Strength in Unity

By Patrick Hawthorne   Although we might serve in different roles or functions within the Body of Christ, our overall goal is the same, with no one role being greater than the other. Can a baker bake bread without the

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Communion – Beware Lest You Bring Judgment upon Yourself

By Patrick Hawthorne Communion – the Lord’s Supper – a symbolic act performed by the Church whereby we break bread and drink wine (or grape juice) to celebrate Jesus and to reflect on and recall all that God, through our

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Prayer and Winding Roads

By Patrick Hawthorne Today is a good day.  Heading to work, I turned off the radio and began to pray.  Initially, my prayer was stale and stagnant – rehearsed.  My flesh was fighting to gain control of the radio so

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Let the Worshipper’s Arise!

By Patrick Hawthorne We the Body of Christ have a decision to make.  We are at a fork in the road.  Either we can continue down the path that keeps us at one another’s throats, bickering about petty theological differences, or

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Jesus Loves Me, This I Know…A Note to Christian Authors.

By Patrick Hawthorne Do we really understand the impact that our written words have upon others?  Yes, for the most part we put pen to paper with the anticipation that someone may be encouraged by what it is that we

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Political Correctness and the Church

By Kay Hawthorne The following was written by my mom, Kay Hawthorne Political correctness runs rampant not only in secular society today, but sadly, also in the church of Jesus Christ.  Political correctness is neither new, nor is it the

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Calming Waters of God’s Word

By Patrick Hawthorne This very morning, I was awakened to an extremely rambunctious brain.  Thoughts were here and thoughts were there.  To say I had the attention span of a two year old on IV Koolaid with extra sugar would

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