Not Another Prosperity Message (Insert the Whine!)

By Patrick Hawthorne


I’m a Charismatic.  I know I’ve started the last couple of posts with this statement, but I do not want there to be any misunderstandings.  Being a Charismatic, I am part of the group that receives a lot of guff from the “Oh Woe is Me,” committee of the Church of Forever Dead.  Thus, I would like to write a letter.

Dear Oh Woe is Me,

This letter is being written for the purpose of setting your committee straight as it pertains to the Prosperity Message.  It would seem that your committee is notorious for lumping all Charismatics into the group of “Name it and Claim It,” better known as the “Blab it and Grab it Bunch.”

Yes, I do subscribe to the prosperity message, but not for the reason you insist.  You see, there are two type of Christian’s.  There are those who go and those who send (Romans 10:15).  The Apostle Paul spoke to this in Philippians 4:15-19 when he commended the Philippians not only on their partnership in giving to his ministry but in receiving as well.  In verse nineteen, because they had partnered with him, he said, “And my God shall supply all your need according to His riches in glory in Christ Jesus.”  Notice that in order to receive in verse nineteen, the Philippians had to first practice verse fifteen.

Now, Oh Woe is Me, to further clarify my position, it must be understood that God has not personally given me the assignment of traveling to the many far regions of the world.  Therefore, if I am not called to go,  it only stands to reason that I am called to send those who do go.  But, in order to send them I need the resources.  But how, when my paycheck is such that I can’t do as much as I would like?  Well, according to the Word, I can plant a financial seed into fertile ground and watch it grow.  In other words, I can trust God for the finances.

[Insert the bewildered, “What strange doctrine doth he preach,” look upon the Oh Woe is Me group]

I imagine your head just tilted dramatically with the fertile ground comment so I will clarify using the Word of God.  Paul, in 2 Corinthians 10 said, and I paraphrase, “May God who supplies the seed to the sower, and bread for food SUPPLY and MULTIPLY the seed YOU HAVE SOWN…”  If you back up from there, Paul is referring to being a giver with a happy face…not the grumpy face as seen by many members of your Forever Dead congregation.

So you see, Oh Woe is Me, I give in order to get, in order to give, in order to get, in order to give.  It is a continuous cycle that God has put in place and established on the basis of sowing and reaping; in that order.  No, this is not so that I can be a hoarder of wealth but so that I can be a giver.  I’m sure we can both agree that God does not give a rip about me having a new Dodge 2500 pickup with a Hemi…even though I would sure appreciate one…in dark blue.

Now, Oh Woe is Me, I simply ask that you respect my right to be a giver for the Kingdom of God as I honor your right to maintain your Whine and Complain Doctrine.  If you will respect my position of joy, I will respect your position to maintain the status symbol of a lowly worm if you so desire.


Blab it and Grab It

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18 comments on “Not Another Prosperity Message (Insert the Whine!)
  1. dawnlizjones says:

    I’m swimming on your side of the pool here, but you gotta admit that there have been some tragic abuses that could cause one to pause. As you well eluded to, one’s definition of “prosperity” must be aligned with God’s.

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  2. mdw4christ says:

    I really like the fact that you speak up and let people know that not all charismatics are extremists. I have been on staff in many of the churches you described in your letter. I have a few letters for them myself. Keep blogging! I love reading your posts.

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  3. Jules says:

    Blessed to be a blessing in every area, always.

    I’m gonna go ahead and give you a bug cos you sound like you need one.


  4. Israel Ashworth says:

    Amen loved it. The oh woe is me group are gaining ground. The trust of allowing God to grow the kingdom with our Faith some will never understand. God is always in charge but if we don’t allow him to work through us he won’t.

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    • Actually, I think it is the opposite. As I engage with more bloggers, I’m learning that more and more of different denominations share similar thoughts. The problem is that so many have read or listened to the stories of those who lump all into the same pot. Therefore they think that all whose camp is Charismatic are on the left side of looneyville when actually we are not.

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      • Israel Ashworth says:

        Ok let me rephrase gaining ground I think speaking from what I see at my church. we have been labeled Bapticostal because that is our background so I guess I’m saying we have lost that. I still see it but not as strong. Yes the stories people hear and read make them scared. You know I think you have put a thought in my mind about why my church may be struggling.


  5. Bapticostal…I like that 🙂 To be honest, I believe (and this is just my thoughts) that there is a shaking going on in churches where God is weeding out those who want to live the Church and those that want to play Church. The struggling you may be sensing may just be a weeding process.

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  6. It’s t.v. hucksters who fly in private jets that have twisted this, Patrick. When Christians talk about Jesus and what He is doing in our lives, there’s little friction. It’s when we turn the focus on ourselves and start discussing labels that the sparks fly. There will always be doctrinal differences and doctrine is important but we can be civil to one another in those differences. Now, the hucksters…they shouldn’t be tolerated and I sure wish people would quit sending them money. They cast a very bad light on all of us that causes confusion and the unbelieving world to think we are all hucksters.

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  7. Oh, I agree totally. I’ve been a bit abrasive on my last couple of posts, but I sincerely want to knock some sense into those who I know love Jesus, but also love looking for a fight with their brethren. God honors the heart. I believe that God can and will honor someone who was giving for the right reason but to the wrong person. However, I also believe that God will set the person straight so that a repeat mistake is not made.


  8. Wally Fry says:

    My friend is grumpy today. I like it!

    God loves a cheerful giver. God blesses what He loves.

    And yes Patrick, I suspect you are on the left side of looneyville. But that’s got little to do with what you believe LOL. You just are.



  9. Lol….actually I was in a good mood. It was a bit of tongue in cheek but with the intent of waking people up to the nonsense of needless bickering and tossing around blanket statements.


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