Standing in the Light

        By Terri Pease


“In Him was Life and the Life was the

Light of men. That Life is in me. The

Life of God is in me. That Life is the

Light, it is the development of me.

It is developing my spirit. It is developing

my mentality. I have God in me. I have God’s

wisdom in me. I have God’s Life in me.

That Life of God in my spirit dominates me.

I purpose in my heart to walk in the

light of life.

While looking through some old study notes I came across this well-worn passage. I adopted these words into my daily prayer life many years ago after reading them in a testimony of a fella who was having trouble in school learning. I thought it was a pretty good confession. So much so that I also confessed these words over one of my kids who was having a tough time in school. Where it says “me” I inserted my kids’ name.

On the surface it reads pretty well… It looks good… It made me feel pro-active…

Honestly, I don’t think it did a dad-blamed thing!

At some point I stopped. I don’t remember when but I am glad I did. It didn’t work. Know why?  I could never live up to the confession, how in the world could I expect my child to? With every failure “What am I doing wrong?” followed close behind.   His Word say’s this! Why isn’t it working?

Working. Works. In me, in me, in me. Me! Me! Me!

It’s not about me! It’s all about Him! What He has done. What He is doing. I have to stop trying to live for Him and live from Him. Romans 6:6 (Amp.) say’s, “my old unrenewed self was nailed to the cross with Him.” I was in Him when He was nailed to the cross. If I was in Him when He died then it also follows that I was in Him when He arose. Wow! Just let that sink in for a moment. My position is in Him.

It follows as well that if I am in Him then I already am in the Light because He is the Light.  What I should have been confessing should have read something like this:

“In Him was Life and the Life was the

Light of men. I am in that Light. I am

in the Life of God. I am developed in that Light.

My spirit is developing in that Light. My

mentality is developing in that Light. I

am in God’s Life. My spirit is dominated by

The Light. I purpose in my heart to remember

with the Holy Spirit’s help

                                        I live from the Light and not for the Light.”

My starting position in any situation is in Him. He is the Light and I am smack-dab in the middle of that Light.

Shine on!

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7 comments on “Standing in the Light
  1. Reblogged this on Stumbling into Grace and commented:
    In Him


  2. Everything I’m not, He is, and He completes me. What I have to do is trust.:0) Great post, Patrick.


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