Don’t Guilt Me into Your Calling

By Patrick Hawthorne,


Ok, this is far and away from my normal posts.  However, it is something that is weighing heavy on me.  Each of us who follow Jesus as Lord and Savior have our own particular gifts and callings.  We each have a path that we are called to travel.

Please, please, please do not try to guilt others into walking your path.  Yes, we are each called to walk in love, but this does not mean we are called to walk in each others shoes.

For instance, I support missionaries who travel many parts of this world.  However, if I were to go on the mission field, I would be a “Went One,” and not a “Sent One.”  I’m not called to the foreign missions field and have no desire to go into the foreign missions field.  Yet, I have a great passion for supporting those who are called to go.

I have read a few post where the author is more or less trying to guilt the readers into having their same passions for the lost and the hurting.  The bullet they discharge is, “What would Jesus do?”  Well, for one thing He would never employ guilt and shame as a tactic to win us over to His way of thinking.

Yes, we are called to love.  Yes, we are called to help the hurting.  And yes, we are called to take care of those less fortunate.  However, the path for me fulfilling that call may be in a total different direction than your path.  Whatever path we take, we can be assured that they will eventually wind up at the same destination.  Be blessed.




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11 comments on “Don’t Guilt Me into Your Calling
  1. Jules says:

    I apologise if my post did this. It wasn’t the intent to guilt anyone, not even myself. I think it’s difficult when we feel passionate about something but I try to focus on what I need to do, what God is saying to me because that’s all I can know. I feel He asks me to share those thoughts but ultimately I know that I am only responsible for my actions, my words and my response.

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  2. It wasn’t you my friend. It was a writer who was trying to use guilt tactics to get the Christian’s of America to have the same passion for the Syrian refugees as himself. While I agree with his passion for the hurting, I disagree with the manner he employed.

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  3. Sometimes some Christian’s almost embark on religious blackmail which I think is totally wrong. I totally agree with you that each have their own calling we will all eventually wind up at the same destination if we walk the path of Christ.

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  4. Religious blackmail is a good way of wording it. Have a blessed day.


  5. The body can’t function when it behaves as if it is all thumbs.:0/ We each have to receive our personal orders from Jesus and follow those orders. To follow anything other than the head results in total dysfunction in the body of Christ.


  6. Wally Fry says:

    Hi Patrick

    You know I have been guilty of this myself. I love to knock on doors and I have absolutely no problem if the Spirit leads me to trooping in a stranger’s living room and just hitting them with the Gospel. I used to get frustrated when others didn’t really get into that. My lovely wife, for instance, can’t hardly bear it. But, she does a lot of things I can’t really say I like that much, nor feel called to do. I had to learn to be patient with her. Good post.


    • Thanks Wally. I used to pick at a friend by saying that he could get a fence post saved. He had such a gift for sharing the Gospel and was always leading someone to the Lord. I, however, have never been one who was comfortable with just waltzing up to total strangers and engaging in a conversation about anything. However, I was the one who was able to speak with those who needed simple answers to complex questions about life. God just wired us different so that we could serve Him in our particular giftings.

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  7. astridswords says:

    To each their own purpose and own calling which need to be respected.


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