So Speaks the Heretic

By Patrick Hawthorne


I write this post not for the purpose of argument.  People will believe what they want to believe and this post will not change that.  Only the Holy Spirit can change a heart.  Nevertheless, some things need to be expressed, so here I go.

Something has been weighing heavy on my heart for the past week.  The origin of this weight is from a writer whom I like and follow.  I’m not always in agreement with this source but, being as our disagreements have no bearing on the fact that we both love Jesus and that we both are brothers in Christ, I tend to side step that which I disagree and focus on the positives of what he writes.

The weight of which I write is in reference to a comment written in one of his articles.  In the article this gentleman wrote that he was a staunch cessationist.  Cessationism is the belief that the miracle gifts such as tongues and healing ceased at the end of the apostolic age.  From what I understand, most of those who claim to be cessationist do believe that God is capable of performing miracles today, but also believe that the Holy Spirit no longer uses man as a conduit whereby He performs these miracles. As such, those of us whose beliefs are to the contrary are often labeled as heretics, lunatics, or just plain ole wack’os.

I was talking to the Lord about this subject and asked Him why was it weighing so heavy on my heart?  When I asked Him why people believe the cessasionist way, immediately I heard within my spirit, “Because they have never seen blind eyes opened or the dead return to life.  They have never been engulfed so deeply in My presence that time seemed to stand still.”

I can list many Biblical reasons why I believe God has not ceased in using man as a conduit for miracles.  Similarly, the cessationist too will be able to show why they believe the way they do.  For me it matters little because no amount of argument will ever be able to wipe away the experiences that I have lived.

I have personally seen a church member, whom I know was blind, receive his sight after having hands laid on him for healing.  I have personally seen my own dad raised from the dead when there is no medically logical reason for him to be alive.  I have laid hands on the sick and have seen them instantly healed.  I have been so engulfed by the presence of God that time seemed to stand still.  I have not just read about God, I have lived God.

All it takes is just one divine encounter with God to realize that the Book of Acts is still being written in the heavenly realm and that we ain’t seen nothing yet.  The gifts of God are still in operation today. I know because I have operated in several of them.  Call me a heretic, a teller of tells, a lunatic, or a wack’o.  It does not matter to me.  I have been forever altered by the touch from my Creator.  Be blessed.

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9 comments on “So Speaks the Heretic
  1. Amen Patrick. God has revealed himself and HIs mighty wonders to ever deny this life changing experience. The skies are much bluer and the grass is so much greener following the complete immersion and filling of the Holy Spirit.

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  2. Absolutely…There is no greater experience in this world.

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  3. Jules says:

    Amen and alleluia! The same power that raised Jesus from the dead lives in me. Life would be so much harder without Him


  4. It’s only those blind to the beauty of the Lord that doubt his strength and ways. Great post


  5. usarmymsg says:

    How many times can I say “AWESOME” Well done my son, says Dad

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  6. realmarklandry says:

    Amen – I think we’re just as obligated to exegete our reality as we are the scriptures. Gos is the author of both.


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