Destiny Destroyer (The Devils Desire for Abortion)

By Patrick Hawthorne


The freedom of choice… What a wonderful yet terrifying gift bestowed unto mankind by our Heavenly Father.  For by choice one can elect to become spiritually alive unto God through Christ Jesus. Or, by choice, one can deny Jesus resulting in a spiritual death which is a separation from God.  Of the same matrix, one can choose to either become a giver of life or a deliverer of death.

So, what does our freedom of choice have to do with the devils desire for continued abortions?  Better yet, why would this particular arena of debate interest him in the least? The answer is really quite simple, in my opinion.  It all boils down to satans desire to destroy the God ordained destinies of as many people as he can.

It is no coincidence that pro-abortionists march under the banner of “Pro-Choice.”  Canned arguments and pre-fab talking points of the pro-choice claim that no woman can call herself free unless she has complete ownership and control over her body; including the right to have an abortion.  A common stanza sung from the hymnal of the Pro-Choice is, “The birth of a baby is a gift and not a right.”  These are lies propagated by satan.

Although I write this late, this post is not for the purpose of bashing and pointing out the sinfulness of those who are pro-abortion.  It is, however, intended to awaken the believer in God to the truth that the issue of abortion is a spiritual war that will never be resolved through protests, insults, ridicule, hate, nor violence. For how will they, who do not know God, be able to see beyond sins distortions if not first shown the clarity of God’s grace?  Sin distorts, grace clarifies.

The path of the pro-abortionist, whether they acknowledge it or not, was paved by satan beginning with Adam and Eve when he used their ability to choose against them. From there, the legalization of abortion became a simple matter of convenience.  If he could halt the birth, he could halt the individual’s ability to fulfill any future callings.

No amount of Bible bashing will ever correct sins distorted views. Only God can change a person’s heart.  Furthermore, not everyone wants to be saved and not everyone is looking for a savior.  Trust God and He will guide you to those who will be willing to listen.  Ask for His guidance to show you those who are lost but who are also looking to be found.  Be blessed.

“For our struggle is not against flesh and blood [contending only with physical opponents], but against the rulers, against the powers, against the world forces of this [present] darkness, against the spiritual forces of wickedness in the heavenly (supernatural) places.”  (Ephesians 6:12 AMP).

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3 comments on “Destiny Destroyer (The Devils Desire for Abortion)
  1. I’ve known many women haunted by having had an abortion. The denial required to submit to the procedure wears off sometime afterward and when reality makes it’s presence known, the guild they carry is horrible. At least two lives are destroyed for every baby murdered in the womb and every life snuffed out is a societal poverty. We are also, in an epidemic of child abuse that I think is directly related to abortion and the evidence is in the silence. People seem to care more about the abuse of pets than the abuse of children. Empathy is growing colder by the day.


  2. I definitely agree Pam. The denial that you write of is sins distortion. When it comes to the sins of an individual, fighting fire with natural fire will only serve to harden hearts. However, fighting fire with Holy Fire can change the hardest of hearts.

    Unfortunately our United States has not only adopted a sin but legalized a sin and are now rejoicing over the commission of the sin. I was watching an abortion demonstration video where one half of the protesters were singing Amazing Grace and the other half was shouting, “Hail satan.” The stage is definitely being set for the arrival of the man of sin.


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