So…You Want to be a Super Hero?

By Patrick Hawthorne


In my younger days I would flit around the house with a bath towel tied around my neck.  I was a super hero.  Jumping off picnic tables, I could fly.  Yeah, it may have only been for a split second, but for that split second I was soaring with the eagles.  Then one day it happened.  I grew up.  Knowledge of my mortality became the kryptonite that sapped me of all super powers.

It happened one day that I picked up a book.  This was not just some ordinary book, but a special book filled with stories of old.  In this book I read about battles and victories, love won and love lost.  I read of miracles and mighty feats.

Not only did this book, which the elders call the Bible, contain magnificent accomplishments, but it was also an instruction manual.  It held the secrets to immortality, of a life beyond death.  The more I read, the more I understood that, by following a great leader by the name of Jesus, I could have power.  This was not a make believe power, but a real power.  I was captivated.  My life to Him I pledged.

Then one day it happened.  I discovered, for me at least, the coup de grace to my mortality…the death blow to all thoughts mortal.  I discovered I could have a strength that went beyond superhuman.

In one of the Bibles passages I read, “They that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength…” (Isaiah 40:31).  As I meditated on this passage I learned that to wait upon means to bind together as in a twisting motion.  The renew part actually meant to cast aside or to substitute.  I was amazed!

“Lord,” I prayed.  “Does this mean that if I bind together with you and cast aside my strength for Yours, I will take on Your strength?  I will be unbreakable?”  Yes!  That is what it meant.  As I read further, I discovered that not only would I have super human strength, but I could soar with the eagles.  I could run and not get weary, walk and not faint.

Ever so gently, the words  filled my thoughts, “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” Yes, He was confirming His word to me.  It was at that defining moment that I stood tall, shoulders back.  Grabbing a bath towel I wrapped it around my neck.  “I am a super hero.  I am a son of the Most High God.  Villains beware.”

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6 comments on “So…You Want to be a Super Hero?
  1. usarmymsg says:

    I remember you and your bath towel running around chasing Karen with Karen yelling mommie mommie Patrick chasing me. Very good my son

    Liked by 1 person

  2. You must have been a hand full.:0) I and the world are blessed because you gave your life to Jesus and not to the forces of evil. Wrap yourself around Jesus ya’all, And for eternity you’ll be standing tall! 😉 Couldn’t resist…


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