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5000th View

Knock, knock!  “Ummmm…Hello?” SGM has just received its 5000th view since starting this blog one year…and a couple of days…ago.  This site, began on a whim as a way to share God’s goodness, has been instrumental in forming many cyber friendships throughout

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Destiny Destroyer (The Devils Desire for Abortion)

By Patrick Hawthorne The freedom of choice… What a wonderful yet terrifying gift bestowed unto mankind by our Heavenly Father.  For by choice one can elect to become spiritually alive unto God through Christ Jesus. Or, by choice, one can

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So…You Want to be a Super Hero?

By Patrick Hawthorne In my younger days I would flit around the house with a bath towel tied around my neck.  I was a super hero.  Jumping off picnic tables, I could fly.  Yeah, it may have only been for

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Echo’s of God’s Grace (Originally posted in SB Faith and Family Magazine)

By Patrick Hawthorne This week I celebrate the one year anniversary of Serving Grace Ministries Blog.  Although this particular article was not my first post, it was the one of the most important in launching my desire for writing.  It

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Keep Your Focus!

By Patrick Hawthorne Anyone who has ever plowed or tilled a row for a garden knows that the most important rule for keeping a straight row is to keep your eye on the finish line.  Now and days, there are

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The Practice of the Presence of God

This is a very good and very short book.  It is about one mans journey to spend a life totally devoted to staying in the presence of God even while dealing with life’s daily duties. For the pdf version, click

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Could Jesus Really Return at Any Moment?

By Patrick Hawthorne For those who are unaware, Jesus was supposed to have come back a couple of days ago.  You didn’t know?  Well, don’t feel bad, I didn’t either. If I’ve learned one thing, it is to NOT believe

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