Ok….Now What?

By Patrick Hawthorne

look up

But when these things begin to come to pass, look up, and lift up your heads; because your redemption draweth nigh.  Luke 21:28

Ok, we had several major events come to a conclusion without any collapse or calamity befalling mankind.  The Shemitah has come and gone as well as the blood moon tetrad and we are still here in one piece.  What now?  Well, if you look at the above verse, we are to look up (stand tall)  and lift up our heads; because our redemption draws near.

No one who is teaching sound Biblical theology ever said that the world was going to fall apart immediately following these major events…especially not Jesus.  Look at what He said in the preceding verses:

25And there shall be signs in sun and moon and stars; and upon the earth distress of nations, in perplexity for the roaring of the sea and the billows; 26 men fainting for fear, and for expectation of the things which are coming on the world: for the powers of the heavens shall be shaken. 27 And then shall they see the Son of man coming in a cloud with power and great glory. But when these things begin to come to pass, look up, and lift up your heads; because your redemption draweth nigh.  Luke 21:28 (emphasis mine)

So, what is next?  Well…we continue to walk by faith.

The world is becoming increasingly dark.  Notice in verse 26 that mankind will faint for fear and for the expectation of things to come. We already see this happening.  The world has become so fearful that they are creating reasons to fear.  Do not allow yourselves to be sucked into this vortex of confusion.

As a born again child of God, we are to point the way to Jesus.  Don’t put your light underneath a basket where it cannot be seen.  Let it shine brightly.  Many will be looking for that light in the days to come.  Be blessed.

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7 comments on “Ok….Now What?
  1. seedsofgrace05 says:

    Shine On !

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  2. Jules says:

    Absolutely spot on. We live in hope in a world full of fear and we shine with His light!


  3. Bryan says:



  4. It’s amazing to me, how in the last ten years so many ‘foretold’ catastrophes have actually, taken place and we adjust to what we thought would be ‘the end’ and move on. No matter what the future holds, fear is the wrong response. It’s faith and trust in God that keeps us moving forward.


    • Absolutely. Also, just because it did not happen the way we “thought” it should happen does not mean the Word is wrong. I’m excited about the future, not because I wish doom to come on others, but because the book of Joel has not been completely fulfilled. There is coming a glory in which many will turn to the Lord. I want to part of that great harvest.

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