News Letter From Israel

By Terri Pease

terri pic   Shalom from Israel!

Last week at the Ark I met the most incredible woman. *Sandra is 67, from West Virginia and is a crisis volunteer to the world. Sandra just completed a tour in Kurdistan and Iraq setting up safe houses for refugees from ISIS. Did you catch I said she is 67? Wow!

She came to the Ark for debriefing and a much needed rest before returning home to America. It was my job to help her unwind. I spent one of the days with her at the Dead Sea. She and I played in the mud, floated in the water, shopped, ate ice cream and got thrown off a bus. (Hilarious story but I will save it for another time.) From time to time Sandra would just start weeping. All I could do was listen and pray. Sometimes I was able to make her laugh but most of the time I just listened and prayed with her.

I cannot imagine the horrors she has seen. How can humans be so cruel to one another? I asked her how she did it. She said she would just breathe and keep going. She knew she was supposed to be there but sincerely doubted herself whether she had made a difference. It was all so overwhelming. This wasn’t her first time but it wasn’t any easier. Her sure foundation in Christ got her through. Prayer, prayer and more prayer.

So we prayed some more while floating in the Dead Sea. I heard myself speaking to her the soothing words of the Holy Spirit. I was able to remind her that even in the lowest place on the earth He is with her. Amid all the horror, He is with her. He knew she would go and do what He asked her to. He also was right there beside her floating in the Dead Sea. Every one of her tears He was placing in His bottle.

Some people say the waters of the Dead Sea are healing waters. I believe the Living Water showed up that day and restored my sweet friend. We spent the next couple of days having such wonderful fellowship. The day we said good bye she cried again. This time it was tears of gratitude at the goodness of God.

Shine on!

*name has been changed*

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2 comments on “News Letter From Israel
  1. “She said she would just breathe and keep going.” This made me think of how our every breath taken in and exhaled should be in praise and prayer to the One who saves and sustains. God has given this woman much courage and a calling. How wonderful that your presence helped her to heal and be willing to move onward.
    Blessings, Terri!

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  2. Terri I can so see you getting thrown off a bus but for WHAT??!! To funny! I am so glad you were there to be with your new found friend! I can think of no one better suited than you to help destress someone so precious. Love you to the moon and back

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