Tick…Tick…Tick Goes the Clock of Life

By Patrick Hawthorne


As I sit in my office, the steady tick…tick…tick of the wall clock mockingly reminds me that, with each tick, one more second of my life is forever gone.  What did I do with that second?  Did I make it count for something?

How precious those seconds are now that I have potentially stepped beyond the midpoint of my life!  Over a billion seconds have passed since my life began.  If I live to be eighty years old, only around 900 million remain.   Sigh…. “Stupid ticking!”

“Why are you depressed?” the Lord gently whispers in my ear.  Do you not know that your life has just begun?  Death of the body is merely the casting off of a worn out garment that binds and restricts.  No, my son, your remaining seconds are but a countdown to the moment when time will matter no more and you will be forever with Me!”

Tick…tick…tick…  Wow Lord!  That sure puts things in perspective!

Tick…tick… tick… Ok Lord, help me make the most of each second so that I may reach others for You!

Tick…tick…tick… Good grief!  Why does time suddenly seem to be dragging?

“If you read history you will find that the Christians who did the most for the present world were just those who thought most of the next.” C.S. Lewis

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2 comments on “Tick…Tick…Tick Goes the Clock of Life
  1. In this present world, may we do the most for the next . . . Wonderful post, Patrick!


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