Tongues are of Da’ Devil?

By Patrick Hawthorne

scaredThis morning, like most mornings, I prayed, “Father, I need a subject to write.  What would You like me to write about?”  In my spirit I felt the subject matter needed to be on speaking in tongues.

“Oh no, Lord,” I whined!  “I will write on anything else but please don’t ask me to write on that.  Don’t You know the common consensus is that tongues are of the devil?  Besides Lord, I’m just now starting to get a following on my blog site.  Do You want people to think I’m nuts?  I was making some pretty compelling arguments but did not seem to be getting anywhere.

“I know,” I thought.  “I will just pray about this some more.  Maybe the Lord will forget about the request.”  Wrong!  The more I prayed the louder the message got.  Finally, for the sake of peace, I gave in.  “Alright Lord,” I sighed, “You win. I will write the post, but I need direction.”

As I gave into the will of the Lord, I felt Him telling me to write from my heart and to stay away from the same old stale arguments for or against speaking in tongues.  He simply wanted me to express my heart.  “Well, that’s easy enough,” I thought.

Why do I believe in speaking in tongues?  Let me first ask you this question.  Have you ever been in a situation where everything you prayed felt so inadequate?  Was it as if you were hunting for the right words to say…to pray, yet those words eluded you?  I have.

Speaking in tongues, for me, is a way to locate the hidden words my heart so desperately wants to speak.  So many times, as I have prayed in tongues, the right word for the right moment has leaped into my spirit.  Even with my blog, most of what I write is inspired by the Holy Spirit through first praying in tongues.

You see, the Holy Spirit knows the depth of each of us.  He knows what we need for any particular moment. Speaking in tongues is simply praying to God in a language He has designed.  It is nothing mystical, scary, or flaky.  It is a language of love.  It is tapping into the presence of the Holy Spirit.

The reason a large majority of Christian’s do not believe in speaking in tongues is because they were either taught it is false, they have never experienced it for themselves, or a group of goof balls turned it from Holy to flaky.  The latter, I believe, is the most common.

I speak in tongues because I can’t imagine my life without this special gift.  I can’t explain it other than simply telling you that at times, while praying in the spirit (in tongues), it feels as if the hand of God is resting on my head.  I’m at such peace.  Could the devil do that?  Not even on his best day.  Be blessed

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2 comments on “Tongues are of Da’ Devil?
  1. deborah ann says:

    Amen! Let’s hear it for speaking in tongues. I praise God for this gift as it comes from so deep inside. I cannot begin to explain it. You did a good job doing so. ~ Blessings ~

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  2. Thank you very much for your kind comment. Trust me, I wasn’t kidding when I wrote that I was not wanting to write on this subject.


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