My Name is Patrick and I Have a Big Mouth

By Patrick Hawthorne

Loud_mouth_teacherI have a wild imagination.  I joke with my wife that I have an inner sanctuary in the midst of my cranium; a place where I can frolic unhindered through fields of random thoughts. For this blog, I will momentarily allow you to enter that sanctuary in order to reveal a portion of what I have been thinking.

In the sanctuary of my mind, I am seated in a circle with a group of other people.  These people are my peers, my fellow Big Mouths.  Perhaps I have seen you in my group.  Anyways, in my mind I know the time has arrived for me to come to terms with a truth that has plagued me for years.  Standing to my feet, I address the circle.

“I…I…” My stammering is evident.  Sweat is now beading upon my brow.  Taking a deep breath I mutter to myself, “Come on big guy…You can do this.  Suddenly I blurt it out! “My name is Patrick and I have a big mouth!” There, I did it!  Feelings of relief wash over me.

“Hi Patrick,” the group responds in unison!

It is at this moment that I boot you out of my cranium and close the door.  I do this for your safety, so please do not be offended for the swift kick to the back side.

I admit it. I have a big mouth.  Not only do I have a big mouth, but I have the propensity to employ sarcasm on a grand level.  Most times, my sarcasm is limited to jolly banter.  However, there have been times when the sarcasm has been cutting and meant to offend.

I offer you no excuses for my poor behavior, nor do I ask for your sympathy.  I am merely listening to the convictions of the Holy Spirit and making necessary changes in my life.  In other words, I am judging myself now in order to not be judged later.

Living the life of a Christian is not always easy, especially when it comes to monitoring what comes out of our mouths.  Yet, it is vital to our wellbeing.  I wish I could say that it gets easier with age but then I would not only be a big mouth but a big mouth liar.

So, the question is this; what am I doing about it?  First of all, I’m asking the Holy Spirit for help.  Secondly, I’m taking it one day at a time.  This morning I made up my mind that, for today only, I would not gripe, complain, use hurtful sarcasm, or gossip.

To be honest, it has been a really pleasant day.  I have not made anyone mad nor have I had to repent for saying anything stupid.  Hmmmm….Maybe there is something to this.  I think I will try it again tomorrow.

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2 comments on “My Name is Patrick and I Have a Big Mouth
  1. Cory says:

    Well put my friend! You’ve heard the joke about the loud mouth frog? In my experience, it always when I see my behavior hurting the Holy Spirit as well as others and myself, that gives me the motivation to really turn around!
    Speaking of grace…Father, thank you for that!


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