Being an “Elsewhere!”

By Terri Pease

images0NMV0M5C Shalom!

Wow! It has been an amazing whirlwind for a few days.

Easter at the Garden Tomb really doesn’t get much better than that! I traveled to Jerusalem with three other ladies.

Barbara, from Brooklyn, New York: She has been coming to Israel for the past ten years (the Ark, the last four) to teach women how to be self-sufficient by learning how to cut hair. She has been visiting the Holocaust Survivor’s Day Centers around Israel where she minister’s through her gift free of charge. Barbara also ministers her gift in Tel Aviv where she works with another ministry reaching out to the drug addicts and prostitutes.

Anna-Maria, from Bolivia: This is Maria’s second trip to Israel. She is a hospice nurse who minister’s her gift to the dying believer’s. Currently she is with a retired missionary patient. She had a dream last year that she was supposed to come to Israel and help the transition of believer’s. She didn’t know anyone here but Jesus. She got on a plane and came by herself, found a local Messianic church and told the pastor why she was here. He knew exactly where she was needed and put her to work.

Jane, from Brazil: Jane is a very bold, loud, and funny, on fire for Jesus individual. She also was told in a dream to come. She speaks five languages and is learning to cut hair from Barbara so one day she can take over from her.

Then there is me: A full-time wife and mother. I know how to run a house, i.e. cooking, cleaning, sewing, etc.

This is my third trip to Israel. I feel at home here and compelled to keep returning.

It is hard here in the desert. The days are hot and the nights are cold. The women we minister to here are troubled, vulnerable and sometimes damaged. Most have some sort of addiction. Alcohol, drugs, cigarettes, food, men….. They are all hurting and searching. They, for the most part, resent being here and yet are so thankful they can be.

So why do we come? Because we each believe the Lord asked us to.

Recently I asked the Lord, “Why me? Why did you ask me?” He told me I wasn’t His first pick. I got to tell you that really hurt my feelings! But then He told me He knew I would go. I was thinking about that the other day. I thought how sad that someone told Him no. Then I reread the story of Esther. Esther said yes and risked her life. She received great reward and saved a nation. I noticed something else in chapter 4 and verse 14. Mordecai also told Esther that if she didn’t help her people that deliverance would come from elsewhere. Bam! It hit me! I am an elsewhere! Relief for His people didn’t come from who He asked the first time so I became His elsewhere. I can live with that. In fact the Lord went further and spoke to me that I would receive the reward attached to that assignment as well as the one for saying yes to Him. Now, I am not out for rewards for myself, but it sure will be nice to have some to lay at His feet when I see Him!

Shine on!

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