The Uncomfortable Chair

By Patrick Hawthorne

untitled (2)One person’s natural life, if compared with infinity, is but a fleeting moment; a grain of sand in an ocean of time.  As Shakespeare so eloquently wrote, life is but a walking shadow, a poor player that struts and frets its hour upon the stage and is heard no more. Life is a short candle with a shorter wick.   If it were possible to gather the sum of all life, the total would not even begin to register as a pimple on the face of infinity.

Yes, life in the natural will not even show up as a blip on the radar of infinity.  That is, until you are sitting in a waiting room waiting for your loved one to come out of surgery. Then time slows to a crawl.

In my case, the loved one is my wife, Kathy.  Somehow, she had some ligaments in her foot that decided they were not happy in their present position and slipped out to see how the other part of her foot was doing.  Am I concerned about her wellbeing?  Well sure, but I have placed her in the hands of Jesus, so I’m not walking in fear nor anxiousness.  So why the blog post?

It is because I am convinced that chairs in waiting rooms were designed as a modification to some medieval torture device.  Oh sure, they look comfortable at first glance but that is a guise to ensnare naïve hind ends in pursuit of the comfort of a “Tooshie,” cushion.  Instead of plush, the hind quarters find a brick disguised as a cushion.  O’ the fiends who purchased these chairs.

Seriously, the Bible tells us to trust the Lord with all our hearts.  No matter the situation, we are to trust the Lord.  So, instead of focusing on what is happening with Kathy while in surgery, I choose to trust God.  Meanwhile, even though I am picking at the comfort of a chair, I thank the Lord that I don’t have to sit on the floor.  Hmmmm… maybe these chairs aren’t so bad after all.  Be blessed, my friends.


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2 comments on “The Uncomfortable Chair
  1. dad says:

    Hope things are sitting well with you my son

    Liked by 2 people

  2. seedsofgrace05 says:

    Ha! Know that one!


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