Our Meticulous Heavenly Father

By Patrick Hawthorne

earthAs I study Bible Prophecy in preparation to teach an upcoming class, I remain amazed at the meticulousness of our God as illustrated through His Word.  While some teachers have been drawn in by the doom and gloom of current world conditions as it relates to Bible prophecy, my thought process tends to move me in a more positive direction.  I find my focus is turned more towards the motive and the precision by which the prophecies are revealed.

For instance, the Bible books of Daniel and Revelation, as viewed by many as writings of impending doom, have a different meaning for me. Instead of viewing them through eyes of fear, I see them through eyes of amazement.  To me, they are not books of fear, but of love.  That might surprise you, but step into my way of thinking for a moment.

Only a God of love, a Heavenly Father who deeply loves all of mankind, would provide such detailed information in order to prepare us for all that is to come upon this big blue marble we call earth.  The provision of the information is not to frighten us but to ready us.  After all, Jesus did not come to condemn mankind but to save mankind (John 3:16-17).

Are there still some prophecies that are difficult to understand?  Absolutely!  But that is not because God is intentionally hiding them from us.  Some things are just impossible for us to grasp mentally until their appointed times.  A prime example is when Peter, on the day of Pentecost, spoke the words; “This is that which was spoken by the Prophet Joel.”  Prior to the outpouring of the Holy Spirit, the concept was incomprehensible; it was mind boggling.  Yet, at the moment of fulfillment, Peter went from not being able to comprehend to, “Oh…wow!  I see it now!”

End of the Age prophecies are provided for all of mankind in order for each and every person to judge themselves now in order to avoid God’s judgment which is soon to follow.  Warning signs are being given.  Yet, many will choose to follow after their own mandates while ignoring the obvious signs.  This doesn’t have to be you.  Our God is a meticulous God…a thorough God.  He will not withhold any valuable information from you.  Be blessed.

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4 comments on “Our Meticulous Heavenly Father
  1. seedsofgrace05 says:

    Looking forward to my heavenly home more each day. This mornings sunrise was breathtaking. I agree, these signs are to prepare us, not to scare us. Good article.


  2. I’m looking forward to teaching the class. Have a blessed day, my friend


  3. report216 says:

    Thank you! Especially for “The provision of the information is not to frighten us but to ready us.” So often when we tell people what’s coming they accuse us of “fear-mongering”. But it is not about fear, its about being ready and growing in our relationship with God. God bless you for sharing.


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