What Would the World be Like…

By Kadie Rumby


Anyone who lived through the 1990’s should well remember the beloved classic, Hook, starring Dustin Hoffman, Robin Williams, and Julia Roberts. This family-film struck a chord in the hearts of many children and adults, and, in truth, it still does to this day. During the film, Captain Hook haughtily delivers his infamous line, “What would the world be like without Captain Hook?” Taking this question and putting a modern-day, Christianity spin on it, I wondered, “What would the world be like without the Holy Spirit?”

The Holy Spirit has been called many things – our conscience, our knower, our inner voice. Since the day of Pentecost, the Holy Spirit has been aiding God’s children by helping them to make wise decisions, by counseling their hearts, and even by stirring up creative ideas within them. So, then, let us imagine a life without all of that, for a moment. What do you think you would find – or wouldn’t find?

If you really consider it, I’m sure you could conclude that we can attribute many inventions, theologies, and historical eras to the Holy Spirit. One could even hit so close to home as to say that their marriage, career, or financial breakthrough could be accredited to Holy Spirit. So, then, how do we go day to day and never acknowledge His existence?

To the Ephesians, Paul warns, “Do not grieve the Holy Spirit.”(Eph. 4:30) Then, to the Thessalonians, he cautions, “Do not quench the Holy Spirit.”(1 The. 5:19) At first glance, you might say that these two actions are not related at all, but with a closer look, we actually find that they are very closely related. So related, in fact, that you cannot do one without it having an immediate, adverse effect on the other. Allow me to explain…

The word quench means to extinguish or snuff out – basically, to make nonexistent; whereas, the word grieve, of course, means to make sad, distressed, or sorrowful. Now, travel back in time with me. Do you remember when you and your best friend, in the 2nd grade, had a fight and he/she completely ignored, or, even worse, they said something like, “Do you hear something,” at a time when you were clearly trying to get to their attention? How did that make you feel? Well, that’s exactly what Paul was trying to get the believers to understand – that the Holy Spirit has feelings and they can be hurt. Fortunately for us, He is also very forgiving.

You see, the Holy Spirit longs to have an ongoing relationship with us, because God longs to have an ongoing relationship with us. That desire will never stop nor decrease in its intensity. To have someone so fervently pursue us should be a desirable quality, yet, many believers tend to play the “hard-to-get” game, and, sadly, they don’t even realize it.

An attributing factor to this could be one common mindset in our society. I mean, who wants to be caught “talking to themselves,” but, for centuries, that fear of judgment has fueled the lack of communication with the Holy Spirit that mankind has faced. Although, in the midst of this dilemma, some have found the courage to counter it.

I have a close friend that spends time throughout her day talking with the Holy Spirit – constantly confiding in His word. She asks His advice on things like what she should wear, what she should eat, and even which road to travel when driving to work. Seemingly small tasks like this show her dependency in Him and her trust in His guidance. Her tenacious attitude, I believe, is worth an adaptation into every believer’s life. What a difference it would make! Can you imagine it? Now, can you turn that imagination into reality?



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