The Best Gift Ever

By Terri Pease

present snowI love Christmas! It has always been one of my favorite days of the year.

I love all the lights, decorations, brightly wrapped packages and cheerful music. I love reconnecting with distant friends and family, even if only through festive cards and e-mails. Humanity seems nicer at Christmas, more thoughtful and considerate. The food is better at Christmastime. All the treats, which are usually denied throughout the year, seem to be okay at Christmas. A general sense of well-being and good cheer permeate the atmosphere.

What I love most about Christmas, however, is the day after Christmas.

There is just something about awaking early to a now quiet house. The music is silent because everyone is still sleeping, no early risers today. The lights are still twinkling above a now barren tree. All of the brightly wrapped packages are gone. The well wishes and great feasting of yesterday are now precious memories.

I awoke to this new day to a landscape of white. Freshly fallen snow has blanketed all the hustle and bustle of yesterday’s adventures. All is quiet. I am alone.

All is quiet outside of my soul for inside I am still singing and laughing. Singing and laughing because I know that I am not alone. He is with me. I am singing praise to the One Who is still with me. Still with me after all the worldly festivities have gone. He is still with me. Jesus is with me. The gift that will never just be a memory.

The tree, lights, ornaments and Christmas music will all be eventually packed away. But Christ is with me; yesterday, today and forever.

Emmanuel: God is with us.

The best gift ever!

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